Do you have a penguin lover in your home or are you studying penguins at home or in your classroom? If you are  in full penguin mode and are looking for some hands-on penguin theme activities, this is the list for you! Science, math, literacy, art, sensory and more! All for your penguin theme!

A comprehensive list of penguin unit activities! Sorted by skill & subject for easy browsing. What a great way to create a hands-on penguin theme!

Penguin Theme from Life Over C’s

Penguin Theme: Literacy

Penguin Theme: Math

Numbers 1-10

Numbers 1-20

Place Value





Penguin Theme: Science

Penguin Theme: Art & Crafts

Penguin Theme: Sensory

Penguin Theme: Just for Fun

Penguin Theme: Learning Packs

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penguin activities for preschool and kindergarten
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