Are you searching for some easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids? This time of year is such a fun time. You get to help your kids learn all about giving back, being thankful and showing appreciation for everything they have in their life.

These easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids will help inspire families everywhere to spend quality time together while making these fun and simple turkey crafts. I know that turkey crafts are quite popular this time of year, with Thanksgiving around the corner and all. I hope you’ll enjoy perusing through this list of easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids to choose one that works for your parent and child activity time.

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids

Leaf Turkeys: Easy Leaf Turkey Craft for Preschoolers

This easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers will keep the little ones occupied, too. A great way to give your preschoolers something creative to do while you prepare for your family’s holiday feast.

– Life Over C's Easy turkey crafts for kids for Thanksgiving: Leaf turkey, felt and clay pot turkey, turkey sensory bag, toilet paper roll turkey, handprint turkey

Felt Turkeys: Clay Pot Turkey Craft for Kids

These felt turkeys are one of my favorites, and easy to make projects. Using a clay pot, the clay pot turkey craft template, and a few supplies you can easily enjoy craft time with your children.

Turkey Squishy Bag for Kids

If you want a craft that will keep your kids busy after the craft is assembled, this turkey squishy bag is perfect. Kids can put the bag together with a little bit of help and then they can have fun pushing their turkey together.

Easy Turkey Handprint Craft

Parents will love this keepsake Turkey Handprint craft. Use it as a puppet for some Thanksgiving dramatic play. Or make a whole flock of handprint turkeys!

Simple Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

Start the conversation about thankfulness with this simple toilet paper roll turkey craft for Thanksgiving.

Fork Painted Turkey Craft For Kids

This is a simple art project that the kids can make by themselves. A fun way to make your own easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids with fork painting.

– Life Over C's 25+ easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids: Construction paper turkey, painted pinecone turkey, bottle cap turkey, fork painting turkey, paper scrap turkey

Painted Pinecone Turkeys

These painted pinecone turkeys are super, super cute! The pinecone scales become the colorful turkey feathers. This is one easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Bottle Cap Turkey Puppet

This cute puppet craft is made by re-using an empty milk bottle cap, feathers, and a craft stick. In the end, it makes a great pretend play toy for kids.

3D Construction Paper Turkey Craft

Make this adorable 3D construction paper turkey craft with kids. These turkeys make a fantastic Thanksgiving decoration that you can hang or place on the table.

Turkey Treats for Thanksgiving

A fun fall treat that is simple to make and will make a fun classroom gift or Thanksgiving decor piece to place at each guest’s placemat during holiday gatherings.

– Life Over C's Create one of these 25+ easy turkey crafts for kids this Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving treat ornaments, shape turkeys, handprint and footprint turkeys, Thankful turkey craft, paper plate turkey craft.

Cardboard Thankful Turkey Craft

This adorable cardboard thankful turkey craft is simple enough for younger kids to make with a little help from older siblings or

Easy Handprint and Footprint Turkey Craft

With just a few simple supplies that you probably have in your craft room, this easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids is a memorable piece. You’ll enjoy keeping this turkey craft on file to remember your kids’ footprints and handprints size over the years.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

This easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids is made using a supply most of you have somewhere from the summer grilling season, paper plates! Make these friendly paper plate turkeys with kids of all ages for hours of fun.

Shape Turkey Craft with Template

An easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids that helps teach preschoolers about shapes. Use the template included on the website to make your own shape turkey craft with your little ones.

3D Shape Turkey Craft

This cute cut and paste turkey is easy to make and a great way to review 2D shapes.

Handprint Turkey Hat Craft

Use your kids’ handprints with construction paper cutouts to make your own little kids’ handprint turkey hat craft. An easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids that turns your little one into a pretend turkey for Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Kids Easy Turkey Craft

This is an easy Thanksgiving turkey craft that would work well at the kids’ table on Thanksgiving day to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

Turkey Crafts for Kids

Enjoy a beautiful slideshow of 30 easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids with craft ideas featured from all over the internet on CountryLiving’s website.

Kids Turkey Craft with Color Matching

Help your kids learn colors with this easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids. Useful a handful of supplies your kids can make their own turkey craft and match colors afterward to learn more about colors.

– Life Over C's Simple Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids to make for your Thanksgiving craft time.

Paper Plate and Yarn Turkey Craft

Enjoy making paper plate turkeys with your kids as well as using yarn to make each one unique. This is a fun and easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids to make for the holidays.

Feather Letter Turkey

Have your kids use this easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids to make their name on turkey feathers. Using a paper plate, construction paper, and googly eyes this turkey is a fun way to showcase your kids’ name on the fridge for Thanksgiving decor.

Egg Carton Turkey Craft

A fun and easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids to make and decorate their bedrooms or your home during the holiday season.

Elbow Macaroni Turkey Craft

It’s so much fun to paint elbow macaroni with your kids when you opt to make this easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Enjoy stuffing a paper bag and using construction paper feather cutouts to make this adorable and easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids this holiday season. A fun craft to use for a table centerpiece during your holiday feasts.

Turkey Paper Headbands

Have fun making your little kids into little turkeys with these adorable turkey paper headbands. This craft is super simple and lots of fun.

Easy Turkey Paper Plate Craft for Kids

This watercolor easy turkey craft for kids will give your kids hours of fun. The beautiful watercolor design helps give your turkey paper plate craft a prettier look for household decor during the Thanksgiving season.

Circle Print Turkey Craft

This craft comes with a template so that you can easily make a circle Thanksgiving turkey craft with your kids.

Easy Turkey Windsocks Craft

These adorable turkey windsocks made from a recycled tin can, ribbon, Elmer’s glue, and crafty odds and ends are the cutest Thanksgiving turkeys around!

Turkey Corner Bookmarks

With the free to download turkey corner bookmark template featured on the site linked above, you can make your own turkey bookmarks with the kids to celebrate reading and Thanksgiving all in one.

Unicorn Turkey Craft

This easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids brings a love of both worlds, unicorns, and turkeys. Let your little kids use their love of unicorns to transform their Thanksgiving paper turkey crafts into unicorns.

Yarn and Ribbon Turkey Craft

This adorable yarn and ribbon turkey craft will keep your kids busy this Thanksgiving season. A fun, and easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids.

Thankful Turkey Kids Book

Teach your kids the important part of this holiday season with this easy Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids. Using cardboard and construction paper as well as other supplies you can easily create this thankful turkey kids book to have your kids write what they’re thankful for in.

Each of these easy Thanksgiving turkey crafts for kids will give you an idea of what to do this Thanksgiving season with your kids. Whether you’re a parent or teacher looking for Thanksgiving turkey craft ideas, I promise you’ll love every one of these ideas featured today. Pick one and gather up the supplies to enjoy hours of craft time together.

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