Fun with Printable Digraph Bump! Games

Bump! games have remained the favorite of my kids since I introduced them a little over a year ago. As life has gotten in the way, I realized we hadn’t been playing as many learning games as usual, so I set out to make these super fun printable digraph Bump! games as a way of reviewing digraphs with my 1st grader. We used them for review, but they would also be perfect for introducing digraphs to your kindergarteners!

Learn to read the fun way by playing these digraph bump games! 8 unique games!

Materials needed for the Printable Digraph Bump! Games:

Digraph Bump! download (found at the end of this post)

8 File Folders

8 brads (paper fasteners)

8 paper clips



Game markers in two colors for playing (20 markers per player)

Learn to read the fun way by playing these digraph bump games! 8 unique games!

While all the details are added for file folder games, it is NOT necessary to use them in that format. To use them without the file folder simple print on card stock and/or laminate for durability and store in your usual manner.

How to play:

-Spin the spinner.

-Put a place marker on the matching picture.

-If the other player has a place marker on that picture you can “Bump” them off and put your marker on.

-If you already have a place marker on that picture, you can place a second place marker on top to freeze the number. Frozen pictures cannot be “Bumped”.

-The game ends when all the pictures have been frozen.

-The winner is the player with the most pictures frozen.

These printable digraph bump games are such a fun way to practice reading!

I have included 8 unique games covering 5 digraphs: ch-, sh-, ph-, th-, and wh-. 5 games cover each individual digraph and 3 games cover all the digraphs together.

ch- words: pages 4, 5, 7-9

sh- words: pages 4, 5, 10-12

th- words: pages 4, 6, 13-15

wh- words: pages 4, 6, 16-18

ph- words: pages 19, 20, 22-24

Set 1: pages 19, 20, 25-27

Set 2: pages 19, 21, 28-30

Set 3: pages 19, 21, 31-33

Each game comes complete with Spin & Graph sheets for students to record their spins.

Download these fun printable digraph games for a super fun way to practice reading!

They are also included in black & white for those who prefer not to print in color.

These Digraph Bump! games are so much fun! 8 different games included!

Get the Printable Digraph Bump! Games:

These printable digraph Bump! games are so much fun!!!

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