Have you made any projects with black glue? We had so much fun with our black glue acorn craft that we decided to create some more easy crafts!

Black glue is such a fun material to work with, because it makes basic crafts pop, and it’s a fun way to teach kids control when completing art activities, which boosts fine motor skills alongside the craft activity.  This black glue craft is super simple and it’s a wonderful introduction to black glue projects for little kids. This craft can be done with preschoolers or kindergarten kids. Older kids can also do this activity, but they will probably want to get a little fancier with their feather decorations! Add other line designs to your feathers like dots, squiggles, and dashes to make this activity a pre-writing activity as well!

We love using black glue! It makes this black glue feathers craft so much fun while keeping the activity very simple for preschoolers #blackglue #craftsforkids #feathers

Cut out a bunch of feather shapes from your construction paper at once. I eyeballed my design, but you can also use pre-cut paper feathers to save time. I recommend doing this in advance, or the kids will get bored while you’re cutting.

Give each child 2-3 feathers and glue them to another piece of paper.

Give each child a bottle of black glue (if you can’t find any for sale, you can add black food coloring to bottles of white glue).

Show them how to draw lines on the feathers to transform them into realistic-looking feathers.

It takes about 2-3 hours for the black glue to dry. Wait until the glue is dry completely before sending any projects home with little kiddos, otherwise you might have some parents calling to wonder why their car seats are covered in black glue.

Kids can also apply the glue with toothpicks or cotton swabs for a variation on this black glue feather activity.

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