The blends and digraphs mega activity pack is 265+ pages of hands-on, engaging activities in full-color and black & white for learning to read. More than 10 activities for lots of opportunities to practice blends with different skill levels.

blends activity pack
  • Pages 4-22: Beginning Sound Sorting Mats
  • Pages 23-32: 3-piece Beginning Sound Puzzles
  • Pages 33-38: 2-Piece Beginning Sound Puzzles
  • Pages 39-44: Picture Matching Puzzles
  • Pages 45-54: Beginning Sound Circle Clip Cards
  • Pages 55-64: Beginning Sound Clip Cards
  • Pages 65-73: Beginning Sound Matching Mats
  • Pages 74, 76-86: Match It! a concentration game
  • Pages 75-86: Slap-Card game (uses the same cards as Match-It!)
  • Pages: 87-112: Play Dough Mats
  • Pages 113-138: Alphabet Magnet pages
  • Black and white options start on page 139.

Beginning Sound Sorting Mats

blends and digraphs sorting mats

Students will sort pictures by their beginning sounds. You can select the letters that you want them to practice.

What’s included in the Blends Activity Pack:

There are 6 pictures for most letters. For digraph ph- I have included words with the digraph as a medial sound due to a lack of usable words.

3-Piece Beginning Sound Puzzles

blends printable puzzles

Students will match beginning sounds to two pictures.

2-Piece Beginning Sound Puzzles

Two-part blends puzzles

Students will match beginning sounds to one picture.

Match the Beginning Sound Puzzles

Students will match two pictures with the same beginning sound.

Beginning Blends & Digraphs Circle Clip Cards

blends printable pack
  • Students will use a clothespin or paper clip to show the two pictures on each card that have the same beginning sound as the blend/digraph in the center.
  • By alternating the use of clothespins and paper clips students will use different fine motor skills.
  • For an additional challenge, label the clothespins with the uppercase letters for the students to match. You will need 2 of each beginning sound.
  • Take a look at the sensory bin that we created for these clip cards!

Beginning Blends & Digraphs Clip Cards

Students will use clothespins or paper clips to indicate the matching blend/digraph on these clip-cards.

Beginning Blend Matching Mats

Beginning blends and digraphs matching mats

Students will draw a line to connect the pictures to the matching beginning sounds.

Beginning Sound Slap-It!

blends and digraphs Slap-It!

Teacher Instructions:

Print on card stock and/or laminate the cards. (Card stock is recommended because some children will try to see through the cards.)

You can use any format of cards for the center pile. It is best to use the format the students struggle with the most for the center pile because it allows them to relate the difficult format with formats that are easier for them to recognize.

I recommend going the cards with the students prior to playing the game, so that they become familiar with the words used to describe the pictures. As many terms can be used to describe several of the pictures this will help to eliminate any disagreements between players.

Beginning Blends & Digraphs Play Dough Mats

Play dough mats for beginning blends and digraphs!

You can use these mats with play dough and the students can roll strips of play dough to form the letters.

Alternatively, students can use dry-erase markers to trace the letters.

Due to lack of ph- clip art, the ph page asks students to circle words that have ph in them.

Beginning Blends & Digraphs Magnet Mats

Beginning blends and digraphs magnet mats!

Students will use alphabet magnets to create the blends and digraphs that match each picture. You can use these as full pages or cut them apart to mix and match. There are three pictures for each color.


blends sensory bin

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