Who doesn’t love glitter? Glitter Heart Ice Cube Painting for Preschoolers is the perfect summer art project for preschoolers! Improving fine motor skills, experimenting with science and exploring art are some of the benefits of ice cube painting. Your child will love moving these sparkly cubes around as they watch the patterns created by the melting ice. Keep in mind, this summer activity isn’t edible! Remind your learner not to put the ice cube in his/her mouth.

Heart ice cube painting.

Recommended Grade Level:

Glitter Heart Ice Cube Paint Supplies:

  • Heart Ice Cube Tray
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • Popsicle Sticks (optional)

The summer months are upon us and this is a great activity for a hot summer day! Your child will love exploring with art and science as they manipulate the ice cubes and observe as they melt and create beautiful patterns!

What skills can my child improve using Heart Glitter ice?

The heart glitter ice activity is great summer art for preschoolers! Playing with ice is beneficial for young children because it helps develop fine motor skills and enables children to explore with solids and liquids as they watch the ice cubes melt.

Science is easily integrated into this activity. Demonstrate how the solid turns into a liquid. Discuss how the liquid can also be turned into a solid or a gas!

Creating art is also important in the development of the right side of the brain. This side of the brain is essential for imagination, emotions, spatial abilities and so much more! It’s definitely important to strengthen this side of the brain!

Lastly, you will be developing your child’s fine motor skills as he/she manipulates the ice cube around the tray or mat. You can switch tools for manipulating the ice cube to help further develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.

Heart shaped ice cubes with glitter for ice painting with preschoolers.

How do I make heart glitter ice?

You will need to plan ahead to create heart glitter ice!

Supplies for making glitter heart ice cube paint. Silicone heart mold, glitter, and water.


  • First, pour the water until the tray is about 3/4 full. Do not overfill.
  • Add in the desired amount of heart glitter/confetti.
  • If you are adding food coloring or paint, you will want to do that before adding the water or glitter.
  • Place in the freezer. Allow to freeze.
  • If you plan to use popsicle sticks, wait until the cubes are partially frozen and put the sticks into the cubes. Your child can then use the popsicle stick to move the cube during this fun summer craft.
Glutter and water in a purple silicone heart mold.

How do I use the glitter ice?

Once the ice cubes are frozen, they are ready for sensory play!
Empty the ice cube tray onto a sensory mat or tray.

Before you let your learner explore with the ice cube, be sure to tell them that this is an arts and crafts activity and the ice isn’t for eating!

Make sure to emphasize that this summer craft for kids doesn’t belong in their mouths!

Let your child use the spoon to move the ice around. (If you were able to add the popsicle sticks, your child can maneuver the cube using the popsicle stick.) Be sure to notice the glitter trails the ice leaves behind!

Continue this fun summer art project for preschoolers until the ice is completely melted. Depending on the weather, this could take awhile! Have fun!

Heart shaped ice cubes with glitter for ice cube painting.

What else can I do with glitter ice?

  • Discuss how the ice cube changes from a solid to liquid. You can even show your child how to change the liquid back into a solid! Yeah for integrating science!
  • When preparing the ice cubes, add food coloring or paint to add some “color” to the activity to work on colors.
  • If you are working on color identification, ask your young learner to choose a specific color ice cube to paint.
  • Print and laminate large alphabet or number mats. Have your child use the ice paints to trace the letters or numbers on the mat. Yeah for sneaking in some academics!
  • Print and laminate dot to dot sheets. Have your child follow the dots using their ice cube! Many alphabet and number dot to dots can be found online!
  • For even more fine motor practice, have your child use a tongs for this ice painting activity.
  • Experiment with ways to make the ice cubes melt more slowly or quickly.

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