Slime is a beautiful thing! Add pink glitter glue and heart buttons and you’ve got a “valen slime” winner! Homemade slime is a fun valentine activity for kids. Use it as a science activity (mixtures), a math lesson (measurements), or just some good old fashioned gooey, sensory fun!

text says [Slime Recipe for Valentines] I'm of bright pink slime stretched out with pink, red and white heart buttons in the slime.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Valentine’s Day Slime Recipe:

  • 6 oz bottle of pink glitter glue
  • ½ Tbsp. baking soda
  • 1 Tbsp. contact lens solution
  • Heart Buttons
  • Small Container
  • Spoon
  • Bowl

The Homemade Valentines Day Slime Recipe for Kids will be an instant hit with all ages. Mix up this batch of slime with just a few slime supplies, including baking soda, Elmer’s glue and contact solution. Make it with your child or class to enhance the experience, or make it on your own and give to them for a glittery surprise.

Homemade Slime Recipes

Sure, we can run to the local dollar mart and grab some slime that would likely keep a child engaged for quite some time.

But, making your own glitter slime is magical! It’s a very engaging way to spend time with children while covering a lot of educational ground.

And when your valentine slime recipe is complete, it’s the craft that keeps on giving! Children will be engaged with the slime for days to come.

You can use the valentines day slime as gifts for that special day, or incorporate important skills for your little ones by pressing letters, numbers, or shapes into the slime.

Slime can also be a stress-reliever for children. It gives them something to focus on when they feel frustrated or angry about something. It teaches a really healthy way to wind down or work through strong emotions.

How to Make the Valentine Slime DIY Recipe

There are lots of slime recipes out there! Some require borax powder or liquid starch, which we don’t always have on hand. While this recipe is clearly not edible, it calls for basic ingredients.

Head to the craft supply store for those heart shaped buttons and you’re ready to go!

The ingredients for the homemade Valentine's Day slime recipe.

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Valentine’s Day Slime Recipe:

  1. Pour the 6 oz bottle of pink glitter glue into the mixing bowl.
Pink glitter glue for the Valentine's Day slime recipe.

2. Add ½ Tbsp. baking soda. Mix well with the spoon.

Baking soda added to pink glitter glue for Valentine's theme slime.

3. Add 1 Tbsp. contact lens solution. Stir until slime forms.

The ingredients for Valentine's day slime being mixed together with a spoon.

4. Continue kneading the slime until you get the desired consistency. Add ¼ Tbsp. contact solution if needed.

5. Use a plastic mat for play time. Add the heart buttons.

The finished Valentine's day slime with heart shaped buttons in it.

6. Store in a sealed plastic container.

The finished homemade Valentine's day slime recipe in a jar.

More Slime Valentine Ideas

Really you can celebrate any season or holiday with some festive slime. More valentine ideas include:

  • Add heart confetti instead of buttons.
  • Use other colors of glitter glue instead of only pink.
  • Place the slime in baggies and attach a heartfelt message to give as valentines.
  • Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to make scented valen-slime!
  • Turn a small jar filled with pink glitter slime into a “love bug” with some eyes, chenille stem antennae, and felt feet.
I just [heart] these! Valentine Pre-k bundle 35+ pre-k math and literacy activities one easy bundle with arrow pointing to a collage image of the valentine's day activities.

35+ Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities

valentine's day preschool activities
Valentine's day theme math and literacy activities for preschool
Valentine's day math and literacy activities

Included in the Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy Activities:

  • 2 Sets of Valentine Number Mats (empty ten-frame, heart filled ten-frame)
  • Valentine Cards Beginning Sound Match Up
  • 4 Sets of Valentine Clip Cards (color, ten-frame, array, shape)
  • Color Button Sort
  • Class Set of Color BINGO
  • 2 Graphing Dice Games (Matching pictures and Numbers 1-6)
  • 2 Spinner Graphing Games
  • Valentine Theme Line Tracing Cards & Picture Tracing Cards
  • Line-Up Puzzles for Counting to 5 & 10
  • 4 Matching Games (picture, number, alphabet, rhyme)
  • Heart Missing Number Cards
  • 3 Levels of AB Patterns
  • Valentine Play Dough Mats
  • 2 Sets of Counting to 10 Puzzles (array, ten-frame)
  • Valentine Shape Puzzles
  • 2 Roll and Count Mats
  • 2 Sets of Valentine Sorting Activities (shapes and numbers 1-10)
  • 5 Spin & Cover Games (1-5, 6-10, shape, picture)
  • Heart Ten-Frame Cards
  • Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 4 Sets of Tracing Cards (uppercase, lowercase, number, shape)
  • Visual Discernment Clip Cards (What does not belong?)
  • Trace, Write & Draw the Room

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