Hands-on Literacy Activities with Mini Erasers

We LOVE mini erasers here. They are adorable, but I probably don’t have to tell you that we don’t really use them for erasing. Instead, we use them for tons of other fun stuff. You can count them and you can use them with our printables, but what other uses are there for mini erasers? Today, I’m showing off how to use mini erasers for hands-on literacy activities. It doesn’t matter what kind of erasers you have for this. I’m using the back-to-school erasers that Target had last year, but any will work. You can find tons of mini erasers on Amazon.

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Stock up on mini erasers and get started! You don’t need anything else except for a marker and some paper.

You will need:

I thought of a bunch of ways to use the mini erasers for literacy.

First, you can use them to make a child’s name, or sight words.

You can also use them to outline pre-written letters to help children learn how to write letters properly.

Use the erasers to practice reading and writing CVC words, digraphs, consonant blends, or spelling words.

My preschoolers favorite way to use them was to outline pre-written words with the erasers. Older kids would love using erasers to spell out their sight words or spelling words.

Truthfully, even my fifth grader liked spelling out words with the erasers. It was a huge hit and we had tons of fun making all kinds of silly words. You could even write whole sentences with erasers and use them to work on memorizing literary passages or other written content.

What other ways can you think of to use mini erasers for literacy?

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