I shared the Valentine number mats for 1-10 a couple days ago and immediately had requests for numbers 11-20, so here they are! These free printable Valentine’s Day Number Mats for 11-20 are a fun way to learn! You can use a different material each time you play with them to make it feel like a different activity each time.

valentines day conversation heart number mats 11 to 20 with ten frames
counting with valentine candy

To prepare:

Print and laminate.

This time we used conversation hearts because we were having a fun candy-loving afternoon! (I’ll be sharing another activity we used the conversation hearts for tomorrow.) Feel free to use Play Dough, mini erasers, candies or pom poms (or use them all for multiple ways to practice numbers).

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counting sweathearts

By combining, one-to-one correspondence, numerals, words, and ten-frames on one activity, kids have the opportunity to make connections between the different formats of the numbers.

Have your child build the numbers in multiple ways. Then, she can trace the numbers and the words with her fingers to help internalize the shapes of the letters and numbers. We have also created the numbers with play dough and traced them with dry-erase markers/crayons.

Rolling out the play dough and picking up the tiny objects makes this activity a great opportunity to work on fine-motor skills as well.

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Jaida had a blast making patterns with the conversation hearts as she created the number representations!

We have used play dough and candies along with pom poms and these cute erasers.

valentines day conversation heart number mats 11 to 20 with ten frames
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