There are just some things in life you can’t have enough of. Mini erasers are one of those things in my life. Young children love math activities that involve mini erasers! I mean, what’s not to love? They are small, soft, cute, and good for strengthening fine motor skills. These Forest Animal Mini Eraser Counting Activities for Preschoolers combine a great fine motor skill activity and counting to ten practice into one fun math game!

This counting numbers activity for preschool provides practice for number recognition and counting skills, and helps build number sense.

Free Forest Animal Counting Activity

Recommended Grade Level:

Forest Animal Counting Activity Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Fox Mini Erasers or other manipulatives
  • Laminating Supplies

What Are Number Sense Activities?

So what is number sense? Number sense is the way we understand numbers.

Activities that build number sense help children see how numbers work together and are related.

For example, having number sense means we know that the number 8:

  • is made up of two equal groups of four
  • can be split into 3+5, 6+2, 4+4, and 7+1
  • needs 2 more to make a group of ten
  • is greater than 7 and less than 9

A strong number sense makes more complex math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division easier to understand.

How do you teach preschool and kindergarten students number sense?

Talking about numbers, playing with numbers, and showing numbers in different ways are all great ways to build number sense!

Building number sense and counting activities for preschoolers go hand in hand. As you work on your lesson plans make sure you build in time to not only practice counting, but also talk about numbers.

One question I always love to ask is What do you see? or What do you notice? This is a wonderful way for your little one to start noticing patterns, talking about numbers, and building number sense!

Preschool activities with mini erasers are such a good way to build number sense. Since little hands can easily move and manipulate the erasers, it makes them a perfect tool for number exploration!

How To Use This Fun Counting Activity For Preschoolers:

After you enter your email address, you will receive an email with a link to your activity. Click on the link to download the mini eraser counting activity for preschool printable.

Once your activity is downloaded, print out the pages onto white card stock. Laminate them or slip them into clear page protectors.

Let your learner choose which forest animal they would like to use. The options are a fox, moose, or owl!

A child counting to 6 with the fox forest animal mini eraser counting activity mat.

Cut the animal number cards apart and gather your mini erasers. (Target mini erasers are one of my favorite brands, but you can find them lots of places!)

Don’t worry if you don’t have mini erasers on hand, simply print the small animal cards and use those as counters.

Shuffle the number cards and place them in a pile face down.

Draw a card from the top of the deck and place it into the white box on the counting mat.

Have your little one read the number (you can help and read it to them if they get stuck) and have them count out the number of mini erasers onto the mat.

A child placing owl counting tokens on a forest animal counting activity mat for the number 12.

Clear the mat and continue with the next card.

Keep going until all cards have been used, or until your learner is ready for a break!

Winter prek math and literacy lessons counting alphabet sorting shapes

Other Ways To Use This Mini Eraser Activity:

A child counting to 13 with the moose forest animal mini eraser counting activity mat.
  • Talk about the number that was counted out with the mini erasers! This will help build number sense. Can you divide the erasers into two piles? What numbers do you see now? How many more do you need to make 10?
  • Hide the cut out number cards into a winter themed sensory bin. This will add a fabulous opportunity for more fine motor skill practice (and fun!) to the activity.
  • Make it a two player counting game. Each player gets their own animal and mat. After each player has picked a card and counted out the mini erasers the numbers get compared. The player with the greater number gets to keep the number cards. The player with the most number cards at the end of the game wins!

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