If you’re as obsessed with mini erasers as we are, you’ll love this fun way to use them with older kids. We often use mini erasers with young kids to learn things like sorting, graphing, and counting, but older kids don’t have as many options. Until today!

With this fun Christmas estimation game, even older kids can get in on the mini eraser learning fun.

This no-prep Christmas math game is always a hit! Christmas mini eraser estimation game is a great way to work on estimation without worksheets!

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials Needed for Christmas Estimation Game:

  • Paper
  • Writing Utensil
  • Mini Erasers

What I love about this activity is that you can set it up in seconds!

This game is a learning twist on the classic “guess how many candies are in the jar” party game.  Children should be familiar with the concept of estimation before completing this activity. You can find Christmas erasers at Target, teaching stores, and Amazon.  Most of our erasers came from Target last year.

Place all the erasers in your jar and shake them up.

Have your child write down the name of each type of eraser in the jar, then make a column for the estimate and the actual number of each eraser type.

Estimate the number of each eraser in the jar. The more erasers you have, the more fun this activity is.

Write down the estimations.

After your child has estimated all the erasers in the jar, dump it out.

Count how many erasers of each type you actually have.

How different were the numbers?

Talk to your kids about how estimation can be a valuable tool when doing mental math. By estimating the answer, you can uncover close to the right answer without having to go through all the steps to find the precise answer. We often use estimation throughout life, to figure out prices, taxes, percentage discounts, and many other simple problems throughout the day.

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Christmas mini eraser estimation activity


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