Learning numbers 0 to 10 makes up the bulk of preschool math. This exciting interactive math mini-book is a great way to teach numbers to preschoolers or review numbers 1-10 with older students. I included lots of examples of formats to display numbers: hands, balls (array), base ten blocks, pennies , tally marks, addition problems, number lines and MORE! This easy-prep printable covers everything from number recognition and writing, to counting and building number sense. It’s great to place at the math center, where it can be differentiated based on the number(s) different students need to work on.

Numbers Interactive Notebooks-1 to 10

Recommended Grade Level:

Numbers 1-10 Interactive Notebook Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Paper Cutter
  • Stapler
  • Pencil/Crayon
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors (kid-sized)

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Learning Numbers With Preschool Activities



It takes much time and repetition for kids to become fluent counters. As they learn to count in preschool, numbers 1-10, they will simultaneously learn to recognize numbers and they will practice writing them.

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While it might seem simple, early math skills really required a lot of practice. I love these mini books for practicing numbers 1-10 because it really hits each number from multiple angles.

On each page, there are opportunities to work on counting skills, tracing, adding, solving problems on a number line, and recognizing different representations of that number.

In preschool, learning numbers is about engaging the learner and making learning a fun experience kids can be proud of.

Each interactive math notebook page is created with one-half page piece of paper of pre-added information, such as tracing number words, drawing a picture to demonstrate understanding and tracing numerals to increase familiarity.

As kids work through the number pages in this counting activity for preschool, you can tie in questions for thought and math vocabulary:

  • What numbers add together to make this sum?
  • In number order, is this a small number or large?
  • Is this number written with curved/straight/both lines?
  • Can you find a group of 5/2/3 somewhere in the room?
Numbers Interactive Notebooks-1 to 10

What Can Preschoolers Learn While Working On Number Identification?



Typically, as kids learn to recognize numerals, they learn to count groups of that number and identify/name the group as that number. Number recognition activities and counting cards are a great way to show that there are multiple ways to show the same number.

Each page includes the statement: I can demonstrate the number (…) in many ways.

In addition to the pre-added information, students will assemble an addition problem, number line, and fan-fold-book for each number.

The interactive math mini-book is completed with a back cover that gives students another opportunity to demonstrate their ability to recognize multiple number formats for numbers 1-10 by matching numerals to the matching pictures.

Lots of opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of multiple number formats for numbers 1-10.

This preschool numbers 1 to 10 interactive notebook targets important math skills:

  • Number ID
  • Number writing
  • Counting groups (one-to-one correspondence)
  • Addition
  • Number words
Numbers Interactive Notebooks-1 to 10

Why Is It Important For Kids To Work On Number Sense Activities?

Preschool number puzzles and number recognition activities and games provide a solid foundation for future math skills.

Number Identification

Number identification is sometimes the first step towards understanding what numbers are. Kids need lots of practice to be able to look at a number and name it appropriately.

Counting Fluency

Being able to count smoothly and effortlessly goes a long way toward ease with future math concepts and skills. It takes lots of counting practice to reach that level of ease.

One-to One Correspondence

Counting groups of objects and assigning each object one more gives meaning to the numbers that kids identify. Then they begin understanding quantity.

Make Connections

Preschool counting games help kids make connections between different numbers. It helps them see 10 is greater than 2, or 5 is an odd number.

Tools you’ll need

HP Bright White Printer Paper Ream

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Don’t worry about making a special trip to the store. You can get all the supplies for this activity right here. Click the pictures above to get what you need.

How to Make the Interactive Math Notebook Numbers 1-10

To Prep:

Print the notebook pages on regular paper. Cut the sheets in half and staple into a mini-book.

Numbers Interactive Notebooks-1 to 10

To Use:

There are lots of ways to potentially implement the interactive math notebooks for numbers 1 to 10.

Place them at the math center, organize pages by number so students can grab one number at a time, or send them home as a family activity.

Give students time and freedom to explore numbers as they would like to. You don’t necessarily have to require them to start at 1 and work up to 10.

Numbers Interactive Notebooks-1 to 10

Sensory Bin

Practicing numbers 1 to 10 is also super effective in the sensory bin. Hide plastic numbers and have kids find and identify them, or hide objects to pull out and count and identify the number.

Addition and Subtraction

Each page includes a simple addition sentence that adds up to the featured number. When students are ready, you can teach them that subtraction is the opposite of addition.

Add Counters

Activities become more meaningful when we add a hands-on element. Consider placing counters in the math center with the interactive notebooks so kids can use them to count and add.

Numbers Interactive Notebooks-1 to 10

Get Interactive Math Notebook for Numbers 1-10 Here:

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