Interactive Math Notebook for Numbers 1-10

This exciting interactive math mini-book is a great way to review numbers 1-10 with your students. It provides many examples of formats to show numbers. Hands, balls (array), base ten blocks, pennies , tally marks, addition problems, number lines and MORE!

This interactive math notebook for numbers 1-10 is fantastic. Numbers are shown in several different formats: words, numerals, tally marks, dice, number line and more!

Each interactive math notebook page is created with one-half page of pre-added information, such as tracing number words, drawing a picture to demonstrate understanding and tracing numerals to increase familiarity.

Each page also includes the statement: I can demonstrate the number (…) in many ways.

And this notebook does just that!

In addition to the pre-added information, students will assemble an addition problem, number line, and fan-fold-book for each number.

The interactive math mini-book is completed with a back cover that gives students another opportunity to demonstrate their ability to recognize multiple number formats for numbers 1-10 by matching numerals to the matching pictures.

Lots of opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of multiple number formats for numbers 1-10.

Numbers Interactive Notebooks-1 to 10

Get Interactive Math Notebook for Numbers 1-10 Here:

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