Sewing is one of my favorite ways to craft. I enjoy making clothing, home decor projects, and other fun DIY projects. It is rewarding to be able to make something for myself, my family, or friends in a custom and more inexpensive way. These are some fabulous sewing projects that would be worth trying out today!

10+ Sewing Projects To Try Today: A fabulous way to make accessories, home decor and gifts!

Recommended Grade Level:

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Pasta: Shell, Rotini, Farfalle
  • Rice
  • Ruler

DIY Headbands For Spring

With four girls in our house, clothing & accessories can get pricey. So when they needed new headbands for spring, we went DIY. These DIY Headbands For Spring are easy to make and easy to customize for an outfit or person’s taste. With just a few different supplies, and even left over ribbon from a different project, these headbands can quickly be put together & worn!

More Fun Sewing Projects

Making toys for kids is always a diy project that seems to be rewarding. Sensory is such an important developmental area in a child’s life and providing adequate toys has great benefits. This sensory toy would be a fantastic sewing project if you have little ones!

Accessories are so fun and can light up or add fun to any outfit. With the different colors and patterns of different outfits, it can be expensive to buy accessories for each outfit. Making accessories, like this Easy Felt Flower Ring, is fun and inexpensive!

Most kids love something to cuddle. These Best Friends make not only a fun thing to cuddle but a super fun afternoon sewing project.

This fabric door stop is one of the most creative things I have seen in a long time. It could be designed to match any color scheme of the room of which it assists. Plus it is such an inexpensive alternative.

Binding books is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of sewing, but it is a fabulous way to use your sewing skills! This is a great project for kids to create their own notebooks or journals.

This little DIY Felt Fox Purse is a great first sewing project for kids. It is a beautiful animal purse that kids will enjoy making as well as carrying their most prized possessions in.

Birthday parties can be expensive to plan & carry out. This super cute birthday banner is easy to make and customize to the birthday theme. And the best part is it can be reused again and again!

These super cute Fabric Heart Coasters are so stinking cute and look super easy to make, even with scrap fabric. They are a fun DIY home decor project or to make as a wonderfully customized gift!

This Scrap Savvy Bookmark is an excellent way to use scrap fabric to make a gift or to keep. This would also make a fantastic beginning sewing project.

This super cute Tic Tac Toe bag is an easy project that can be taken on the road, while waiting in restaurants or doctors office. Such a classic game, made portable, for super cheap!

Grocery bags are a nuisance until you need them. When you need to carry something, it’s so nice to have a stash of them but storing them can be annoying. This Grocery Bag Holder is a super easy sewing project, can be made with scrap fabric and in less than 30 minutes!

This super sweet Cozy Pillow Bed would be a comfortable place for kids to read, watch movies, or just relax. It would make a great gift for a child or a project to have a child help with.

Hot pads are necessary to place under hot pans, but what about when you have a large baking dish or large pot? It may take multiple hot pads to cover the surface needing protected. This Large Hot Pad is perfect for those moments when one hot pad is just not enough.

If the tooth fairy is coming to visit your little one, this tooth fairy pillow might be necessary. This is a super easy tutorial and will add to the excitement of exchanging a newly lost tooth for a prize.

Sewing is a fantastic hobby. It is a fabulous way to make customized gifts, home decor or clothing & accessories. It can help you save money, be a fun project to do with your kids and even be something that helps you relax. These 10+ sewing tutorials are some of my favorites around and ones I think you should try today!

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