Free Preschool Activities, Printables and Games

Preschool is a child’s introduction to learning and there it is the perfect opportunity to build a love for learning. There are no boring worksheets here! Only exciting, hands-on preschool activities! You’ll find free preschool games, free printable preschool worksheets, and printable preschool activities to create a preschool curriculum free of charge and more to make learning fun!

No matter if you are teaching virtual preschool, 5-day preschool, 3-day preschool or another preschool schedule these free preschool printable and activities will make a great fit in your preschool lesson plans throughout the year. You can also use many of these printable activities for toddlers.

300+ free preschool activities for learning to start your students on the path to loving learning! Perfect for classrooms, home school, learning at home or anytime! Counting, Alphabet, matching, sorting activities, patterns and much more! Everything you need for an amazing preschool!

Preschool introduces a lot of skills, but it is super important to keep learning fun! And active!

Learning through games, activities and pretend play is the best way to learning during the preschool years.

Choose below to go directly to a specific skill. You’ll find preschool learning activities to go with all your favorite preschool themes.

Preschool Letter Activities to Teach the Alphabet

These preschool alphabet activities are perfect no matter what stage of learning the alphabet your preschoolers are at! Literacy activities for preschoolers are so much more fun when they are hands-on games. Start their literacy skills right and learn letters, rhyming and more!

Help your kids practice letter recognition, beginning sounds and letter formation with this Printable Alphabet Snap Cube Mat.
Free beginning sounds alphabet mats with uppercase letters in pattern blocks for kindergarten literacy centers.
Free printable pattern block activities for lowercase letter identification.
Help your child love to learn with these 25+ amazing alphabet tools! You will love this variety of alphabet manipulatives that can be used for letter recognition, handwriting, spelling and more! The best alphabet resources available!

More Alphabet Activities for Preschool

More Literacy Activities

Color Activities and Preschool Learning Games

Color Poster Sets for Preschool

These free color sorting mats are so adorable! Perfect for preschoolers learning their colors!

Non-Printable Color Activities for Preschool

Toddlers and preschoolers will love searching for colors outside in the paint chip color scavenger hunt! Such a fun way to learn colors!
Teach preschoolers the basics of color theory and color science with the color mixing ice preschool science activity! Keep cool while learning!

More Color Activities

Matching Activities for Preschoolers

Fruit grid game for matching pictures of fruit with preschoolers.
Free printable fruit activity for preschoolers. Learn about colors and matching with these fruit spinner games.
Free Printable Rainforest Matching Activities for Preschoolers. Preschoolers will love matching the animals in this fun spin & cover game and memory game. A great way to work on language development and learn the names of rainforest animals.
Preschoolers love this arctic animal sensory bin matching game.
This Easter Egg Hunt Sensory bin is perfect for preschoolers who are learning to match. Work on fine motor skills while using this Easter Egg Matching Free Printable. I love the bright colors!!
Help kids learn to recognize coins with this hands-on math game. Coin Spin & Cover is a fun way to learn what coins look like.

Preschool Sorting Activities

Math Activities for Preschoolers

Number mats 1-10 for LEGO DUPLO blocks.
farm theme preschool counting posters for numbers 1-10 Featured Image

Mini Eraser Counting Grids

dragon and tacos counting grids for taco mini erasers numbers 10, 20 and 100 Featured Image
Free printable star mini eraser counting activity for preschool math activities
cupcake counting grids featured image

Counting Cards for 1-10

These Goldfish counting cards are so adorable! What a fun way to combine learning numbers with snack time!
These free printable rainbow bear counting cards are a great way to introduce one-to-one correspondence & counting from 1-10. Everyone loves rainbow bears!
Chocolate chip counting cards for preschool and kindergarten math centers snacktivity Featured Image
fruit theme free printable counting cards for preschool Featured Image
These free printable popcorn counting mats are so adorable! What a fun way to practice counting 1-10! And you can serve snack at the same time!

Winter and Valentine’s Day Counting Cards

Fall Theme Counting Cards

Play Dough Number Mats for Counting

Snap Cube Number Mats Featured Square Image
Tree Play Dough Number Mats for Counting to 10 Featured Square Image
Pirate Play Dough Mats Numbers 1-10 Featured Square Image
Cookie Play Dough Mats Featured Square Image

Themed Number Mats for Preschool Math

Math Dice Games for Counting

This farm animals roll and count math game for a farm theme is a great way to work on number recognition with kindergarteners! Kids will love putting the animals on the farm as they count and write the numbers.
Practice counting skills with this simple apple themed counting activity for preschoolers.

More Roll and Count Games

Roll the dice and count the flowers with this easy math game for kids. No prep math center.
Free St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Printable Math Game for Counting
Count the seashells on this free printable seashell math game for preschoolers.
Watermelon roll and count math game for kindergarteners. Use beans as watermelon seeds and count the number that is rolled.
This turkey feathers roll and count math game for fall is a great way to work on number recognition during November! Kids will love putting the feathers on the turkey as they count and write the numbers.
We love Christmas! This simple free printable Christmas Tree roll and count math game for kindergarteners is perfect for Christmas! Kids love rolling the dice, writing the numbers and counting the Christmas lights.
We love snow! This simple free printable snowball roll and count math game for kindergarteners is perfect for a winter theme! Kids love rolling the dice, writing the numbers and counting the snowballs or snowflakes. #kindergarten #wintertheme #math

Themed Counting Activities

Hands-On Preschool Counting Activities

Graphing Activities

This fidget spinner 2D shape graph free printable is a great way to learn about 2D Shapes, graphing and do lots of spinning! Make math fun for your kindergarteners with this low-prep printable.
Free printable fruit themed graphing activity for kindergarten.
Free printable winter graphing activity pack with 3 free graphing activities.

Pattern Activities

Shape Activities for Preschoolers

Hands-on shape recognition games and activities to teach shapes in your early learning program. Use these educational games in your day program or preschool homeschooling activities.

Shape Poster Sets and I Spy Games

2D Shapes are so much fun to learn with this matching game!
Free printable 2D shape matching game with a fruit theme for preschool.
Silly Shape Matching Game Featured Square Image
I love these Free Printable Shape I Spy Printables! Such a cute idea for preschoolers!
Low-prep spinner 2D Shape game for preschoolers.
Let your kids explore shapes with this simple shape sensory bag for preschoolers. Trace the shapes, play I Spy, shake up the rice and start all over! A great shape activity for kids!

More Shape Activities

Fine Motor Learning Activities for Preschool

Free printable snap cube Valentine Fine Motor Mats for kindergarten. Practice counting and letter formation.
Free printable Earth Day snap cube mats for kindergarten. fine motor for April.

Fine Motor Pattern Block Activities

Forest animal pattern block mat for preschoolers with pattern block owl. Text states: Free Forest Animal Pattern block cards.
Fine motor farm animal pattern block mat for preschool- Free printable preschool activity

More Preschool Learning with Pattern Blocks

Gross Motor Activities for Preschool

weather gross motor brain break dice for kids featured image
pets gross motor dice game brain break featured image

Preschool STEAM Activities

magnets stem investigation for kids featured image
rainforest animal bingo game for kids featured image
pumpkin STEm investigation and printable featured image
density science experiment STEM investigation featured image
ocean currents STEM science experiment featured image
Kids will love sprouting their own seeds in a plastic baggie!
sink of float preschool science featured image
glitter baking soda and vinegar reaction featured image
spring flower STEM investigation featured image
tin can phone science experiment featured image
magic milk science experiment with glitter featured image
magic glitter science experiment Featured Image

Reaction Science Experiments

Life Cycle Activities for Preschool

Preschool Science Themes and Activities

painting with gloop fall featured image
glitter art prints for kids featured image
rainbow bouncy ball process art activity for preschool featured image

Art Activities for Preschoolers

Summer Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers

Spring Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers

Winter Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers

Fall Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers

More STEAM Investigations

Preschool Sensory Activities

Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers

apple theme sensory bin Featured Image
Need an activity for the kids, but don't want a lot of work? This simple play popcorn sensory bin takes the same effort as popping popcorn. Toss it in the microwave, toss it in the bin... Have fun!
ocean sensory bin with water beads featured image
night sky stars sensory bin Featured Image
frog pond sensory bin Featured Image
farm animal sensory bin for sorting Featured Image

Sensory Bins with Printables

fruits and veggies matching set sensory bin featured image
arctic animal matching set featured image
easter egg matching set sensory bin featured image

Sensory Bags

Sensory Bottles

This melted snowman in a jar is a fun winter craft idea for kids.

More Sensory Activities

Emotions Activities

Free printable unicorn emotions game for preschoolers to learn about emotions

Gingerbread Emotions Printables

Preschool Crafts for Kids