Free Preschool Activities, Printables and Games

Preschool is a child’s introduction to learning and there it is the perfect opportunity to build a love for learning. There are no boring worksheets here! Only exciting, hands-on preschool activities! You’ll find free preschool games, free printable preschool worksheets, and printable preschool activities to create a preschool curriculum free of charge and more to make learning fun!

No matter if you are teaching virtual preschool, 5-day preschool, 3-day preschool or another preschool schedule these free preschool printable and activities will make a great fit in your preschool lesson plans throughout the year. You can also use many of these printable activities for toddlers.

300+ free preschool activities for learning to start your students on the path to loving learning! Perfect for classrooms, home school, learning at home or anytime! Counting, Alphabet, matching, sorting activities, patterns and much more! Everything you need for an amazing preschool!

Preschool introduces a lot of skills, but it is super important to keep learning fun! And active!

Learning through games, activities and pretend play is the best way to learning during the preschool years.

Choose below to go directly to a specific skill. You’ll find preschool learning activities to go with all your favorite preschool themes.

Preschool Letter Activities to Teach the Alphabet

These preschool alphabet activities are perfect no matter what stage of learning the alphabet your preschoolers are at! Literacy activities for preschoolers are so much more fun when they are hands-on games. Start their literacy skills right and learn letters, rhyming and more!

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Hands-On Preschool Alphabet Activities and Printables

Preschool Alphabet Spin & Stamp Worksheets

Printable Alphabet Matching Games for Preschoolers

More Alphabet Activities for Preschool

More Literacy Activities

Color Activities and Preschool Learning Games

Color Poster Sets for Preschool

Color Games for Preschoolers

Non-Printable Color Activities for Preschool

Matching Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool Sorting Activities

Math Activities for Preschoolers

Counting Number Posters for Preschool

Mini Eraser Counting Grids for Preschoolers

Counting Cards for 1-10

Winter and Valentine’s Day Counting Cards

Fall Theme Counting Cards

Play Dough Number Mats for Counting

Themed Number Mats for Preschool Math

Math Dice Games for Counting

More Roll and Count Math Games

Themed Counting Activities

Hands-On Preschool Counting Activities

Graphing Activities for Preschool