My preschooler is an active girl. While she loves completing printables and worksheets, she also loves messy, hands-on activities. Since she tends to be a reluctant learner, I’ll try just about anything to get her interested in learning her letters and numbers. We had such a blast with our alphabet stack shaving cream activities, and I know your preschoolers and kindergartners will, too!

Introduce your preschooler to the alphabet with this hands-on sensory activity!

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for Alphabet Stack Sensory Activity:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Foam Letters

I recommend doing any shaving cream activities activity outside or in the bath tub. Things can get messy fast, but that is part of this activity’s appeal to the young ones.


First, we laid out our letters and placed the plastic tray next to it. I placed a small dab of shaving cream in the center of the tray.

I called out each letter by name and my preschooler had to search for it in the pile of letters. When she found the right letter, she could add it to the stack.

I placed a dab of shaving cream onto each letter after it was placed.

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We soon had a tower of letters as high as the alphabet.

This is where our shaving cream activities got messy. My preschooler wanted to knock down the tower and play in the letters. I had her search for letters in the pile, which was more of a challenge as the letters were now covered in shaving cream. She loved diving through the mountain of messy letters in search of the right one. We looked for letters by name and by sound. I also had her tell me what sound each letter she pulled out made, and what the name of each letter she stacked was.

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This shaving cream activity was definitely a success!

The final step was washing the letters off (and my daughter) in the bath tub.

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