Fast and Easy Christmas Lights Ornament

This easy to make fast and easy Christmas lights ornament for kids is perfect for the holidays! Families can use this simple ornament craft to decorate their trees, hang from the ceiling in a child’s bedroom, or give away as a Christmas gift.

I absolutely love creating different variations of homemade Christmas ornaments with my kids using the super popular clear, plastic Christmas ornaments. There are so many ideas of what to use as a filler and this Christmas light variation is just one of many ways to work on fine motor skills while creating an easy Christmas ornament kids’ craft.

Easy homemade Christmas ornament for kids to create using a clear Christmas ornament and light bulb filler for a Preschool Christmas craft.

Preparing a Christmas Crafting Space for Kids

Making Christmas crafts for kids is such a fun way to help encourage a love of creativity, and help your children gain the necessary fine motor skills needed in life. When it comes to making Christmas crafts with kids you should also take the following proactive steps:

  • Create a clean, safe space for your children to complete their Christmas crafts.
  • Provide ample supplies for your children to use the most creativity possible.
  • Encourage a teamwork environment where the children help each other complete their crafts.
  • Make craft time fun and engaging for your children.

This is the simplest craft idea ever that kids of all ages will enjoy. I don’t think we ever outgrow our love of Christmas lights. This bright and colorful Christmas lights ornament will make you feel joy as you watch it twinkle from your Christmas tree this year.

These are durable Christmas ornaments that will stay in tack for years to come. Just be sure to store them in a container that won’t allow the plastic of the ornament to get scratched or squished. These Christmas light ornaments will encourage your children to feel self-pride as they enjoy the Christmas craft for kids from beginning to end.

Fast and easy Christmas lights homemade Christmas ornament for preschoolers to work on fine motor skills during your Christmas theme

Top 3 Benefits of Making Christmas Crafts with Kids

As you’re aware making Christmas crafts with kids has many benefits. Since the benefits of arts and crafts with kids are endless, I wanted to feature on my top 3 benefits of making Christmas crafts with kids:

Increases Creativity

Arts and crafts can help increase your children’s creative thinking skills. As your child works to make their own Christmas lights ornament they’ll find new ways to add the Christmas light ornaments to the clear Christmas ornament to make their own unique homemade ornament.

Boosts Fine Motor Skills

As your children work to take the cap off the refillable Christmas ornament, they’ll then have to use more of their fine motor skills to fill their ornament with a garland of Christmas lights until the ornament is full. This helps your children boost their fine motor skills in a fun, simple way.

Create Fun Crafting Experiences with Kids

Making these Christmas lights ornaments with your children will help your children enjoy some fun. Let’s face it, learning is hard! That’s why I love featuring fun arts and crafts that kids of all ages will enjoy all the while learning how to have more fun in their life.

As adults, we tend to get so busy living a mundane day to day routine. This is common for most adults, yes teachers included, that’s why I hope you’ll use this Christmas lights ornament craft idea to switch things up this holiday season. This is a simple arts and crafts project that makes zero mess and provides you and your children with some fun during the hectic holiday season.  

If you’re ready to make your own Christmas lights ornament with your children, then continue reading for a simple list of supplies and instructions to get you started with this Christmas craft for kids.

Craft Supplies Needed for this Fast and Easy Christmas Ornament for Kids

  • Clear, plastic Christmas Ornament
  • Mini Christmas light ornaments

That’s it! All you need is two simple supplies! And when you purchase them in bulk or at the dollar store, you can not only create an easy Christmas ornament, but also a cheap Christmas ornament that still looks beautiful.

Because as much as I love crafting with the kids during Christmas, Christmas can easily turn into a very expensive season with all of the activities and crafts smashed together into such a short period of time.

How to Put the Christmas Light Ornaments Together

Provide each child with their own clear Christmas ornament. I like to provide a lot of filler options at once, so that kids can create their own unique ornament and I’ve provided lots of filler ideas on the site (simply search: Christmas ornament).

For this ornament you just need the clear Christmas ornament and the mini Christmas lights.

Open the top of the ornament and have the kids use their developing fine motor skills to place the individual lights into the bulb.

Kids' Christmas ornament for preschool Christmas theme to work on fine motor skills with your preschoolers

Take the fine motor challenge up a notch by using our favorite kids’ tweezers to pick up the Christmas lights and drop them into the Christmas ornament.

Encourage families to combine this Christmas light craft with a fun drive to look at Christmas lights!

Or grab some fun Christmas books to extend the learning fun!

The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)God Gave Us Christmas (God Gave Us Series)God Gave Us Christmas (God Gave Us Series)God Gave Us Christmas (God Gave Us Series)Little Blue Truck's ChristmasLittle Blue Truck’s ChristmasLittle Blue Truck's ChristmasPete the Cat Saves ChristmasPete the Cat Saves ChristmasPete the Cat Saves ChristmasLlama Llama Jingle BellsLlama Llama Jingle BellsLlama Llama Jingle BellsConstruction Site on Christmas NightConstruction Site on Christmas NightConstruction Site on Christmas Night


This simple fine motor Christmas lights homemade Christmas ornament for kids is fast and easy for your preschool Christmas theme

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