We have been known to use flash cards or to practice writing letters with a pencil, but I see my kids’ excitement quickly diminish with alphabet review activities that aren’t’ super engaging. In an effort to encourage them to enjoy learning the alphabet, I like alphabet recognition activities that are hands-on and fun. The Free Printable Uppercase Alphabet Snap Cube Mats are just that! My kids love using snap cubes to build uppercase alphabet letters and practice initial sounds.

These mats go perfectly with our other preschool literacy centers, lowercase alphabet snap cube mats, and our math centers, number snap cube mats! Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post to grab your free letter recognition activity.

snap cube alphabet uppercase letters

Recommended Grade Level:

Uppercase Alphabet Snap Cube Mat Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Snap Cubes
  • Dry Erase Marker

Learning With Free Printable Alphabet Uppercase Snap Cube Mats



Alphabet activities for kindergarteners must be engaging! To our littlest learners, sometimes letters and numbers mean nothing more than circles and squares-they are just shapes! Preschool and kindergarten alphabet activities help children begin to understand letter names, formations, and sounds.

This full-size uppercase letters printable includes many different opportunities for exploration. First, children will learn the shape and name of the letter. Next, they will learn and practice proper letter formation. Finally, this is also an activity to teach letter sounds by identifying the pictures!

This fun literacy center activates more in the brain and body than just writing letters. Encouraging young learners to build the shapes of the letters helps them commit letter formations to memory. This activity can last all school year at any preschool or kindergarten literacy center.

The free printable letter sound activity is really three activities in one, giving you a lot of bang for your buck (free)! Place it at a literacy station, use it with small groups, or hide the cards around the room for a letter scavenger hunt!

And while kids are learning letter sounds, names, and formations, they are simultaneously working their fine motor muscles.

Free kindergarten literacy centers don’t get much better than this! You’ll probably want to keep it around all year long as students gain confidence and mastery. They’ll still enjoy those snap cubes!

Use the activity as a starting point for deeper thinking about letters and sounds:

  • What letters look the same/different?
  • Say the words on the page, but stretch the first sound as long as you can.
  • What is your favorite letter? Why?
  • What other words begin with the same sound?
These uppercase alphabet snap cube mats are the perfect free printable letter activity for kindergarten. Practice writing letters, work on beginning sounds and form each letter with the snap cubes! #alphabetactivity #kindergartenprintable

What Can Preschoolers Learn While Building Snap Cube Letters?



The sounds activity included offers three images and words that start with the letter on the page. This introduces beginning letter sound activities, just by having them name the pictures and focus on the first sound they hear.

The bottom of the printable is a space for kids to practice writing the letter. There are a few examples for tracing uppercase letters and then ample space for practice.

While exploring uppercase letters, students will learn:

  • Letter identification
  • Sound identification
  • Letter discernment
  • Initial sounds in words

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Uppercase Letters?

Letter identification of both uppercase and lowercase letters forms an important foundation for learning to read. Hands-on activities make it fun and interesting for young learners.

Background Knowledge: When students understand letters of the alphabet and can name and match them, they have a lot of knowledge to draw from when they start learning letter sounds and basic decoding.

Connect Letters to Words: Learning letter names helps children make important connections, like each letter stands for a particular sound and when we string them together it makes a word.

Connect with Nature: Searching for acorns among the falling leaves brings a natural element into an otherwise academic activity. Kids can connect with nature while you prepare the letter activity, making it a special time.

Increases Automaticity: The more activities and games children play while learning letter names/sounds helps them develop automaticity. The easier it is to recall and match letter names/sounds, the easier it will be to learn to read.

How to Make The Uppercase Alphabet Snap Cube Mats

To Prep:

Open in a new window for you to save the activity and simply print the no-prep literacy center printable. Laminate as desired. Kindergarten literacy centers at the beginning of the year last a whole lot longer when protected!

To Use:

Choose a letter. If starting on the alphabet activity with 3 year olds, or as a pre k literacy center, name the letter and talk about the picture and what sound the letter makes. Next, build the letter with the snap cubes, while using the diagram on the sheet. When the letter is formed, use a dry erase marker to write the letter a few times.

When the letter is formed and you complete the letter sound correspondence activity, undo the snap cubes letter and pick a new letter sheet.

Sorting Mats: The uppercase cube mats make great sorting mats, too! Lay them out on the floor. Place a variety of plastic letters into the sensory bin and have kids find and sort onto the correct mat.

Create a Book: You could print the letters A-Z and bind them into a letter book for kids that they can color and refer to all year long.

Play a Game: Turn the mats into a partner game. Place mats upside down. One child draws a letter without the other seeing it. They say the letter name and the other child says its sound, or a word that begins with that sound.

snap cube alphabet uppercase letters
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