Years with a room full of students have taught me a lot, and one of those things is that every kid is as beautiful and unique as a flower— put them together and the garden is complete! I LOVED doing this Spring Flower Salt Painting for Kids in my preschool classroom because it turned into a lesson about how we are strong on our own, but better together. So if you need to talk about teamwork, use the Spring Salt Flower Painting for Kids activity as a lesson on how we may be great on our own, but together we are a complete and beautiful field of flowers.

– Life Over C's Overhead photo of a flower salt painting next to a watercolor pallate and a cup of water with paintbrushes sticking out.

Recommended Grade Level:

Flower Salt Painting Craft Supplies:

  • Cardstock paper- white or colored
  • Salt- any type!
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue- white or clear

Why Use the Flower Salt Painting Craft in Your Classroom

If you’re not sure what salt painting is, it’s a relatively simple multi-step painting process that. It’s a great way to get little fingers working by manipulating glue bottles and tiny grains of salt. You can use these salt paintings in a ton of different ways and get great results any time.

Salt painting can also teach students about absorption and how certain things can soak up liquids! If you’re talking about attraction, magnets, or opposites, salt painting would be a great activity to tie into those science lessons.

Science lessons can be supplemented so easily with arts and crafts, and salt painting is a perfect example! Even if you don’t tie it to a science lesson, you can use salt painting for multiple theme lessons or holiday topics.

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Flower Salt Painting Process Art:

Adding watercolor to salt creates a great art experience that displays well and lasts! These Flower Salt Paintings are the perfect spring craft because they combine art practice and spring flowers! Take the time to dive into the season and floral art with this Flower Salt Painting.

Materials You Will Need for Flower Salt Painting:

  • Cardstock paper- white or colored
  • Salt- any type!
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue- white or clear
– Life Over C's Supplies for the flower salt painting sitting on a table.

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Flower Salt Painting

Step One:

Gather up all the things you’re going to need to make your salt painting! This is going to be cardstock, salt, paper and glue! This is the stage where either you as the teacher or parent will draw the flower, or you can have each child individually draw the flower that they want to use in their salt painting!

– Life Over C's A pencil outline of a flower is drawn onto.a white sheet of paper.

Step Two:

Once you have the flower drawn on cardstock, then you can take your glue bottle and outline the pencil marks you did on the cardstock! Use enough glue to cover all of the pencil marks, but don’t make it too thick or goopy.

Teacher Tip: Using cardstock instead of regular paper will make this more successful because it is thicker and will keep the paper solid.

– Life Over C's A pencil flower outline is traced in liquid glue.

Step Three:

Put a thin layer of salt all over the paper. You want to cover ALL of the glue that you have on the paper. You can try to just hit the salt on the outline of the flower, but it is more likely that you’ll cover all of the exposed glue if you put it on the whole paper instead of trying to outline the flower.

– Life Over C's Someone is pouring salt onto a paper with a glue flower outline.

Step Four:

Tap off the excess salt until just the glue outline is left. Then set it to the side to dry because you don’t want to start using the watercolor on it while the glue is wet!

– Life Over C's Close up photo to show that salt is sticking to the glue flower outline.

Step Five:

Dip the paintbrush you want to use into the watercolor and lightly brush it over your salt outline! You can make this salt flower any color you want it to be, and really explore your artistic side!

– Life Over C's Someone is using a paintbrush and green watercolor to paint a leaf on salt painting flower.
– Life Over C's Overhead shot of a finished salt painting flower.

Yay! You did it. What should you do with your Flower Salt Painting?

These would be the perfect artistic display in a classroom! Put them all together and you have a classroom bouquet! These can be displayed seasonally and can also be easily placed in a portfolio and sent home for families to enjoy!

Ways to Adapt/Modify/Differentiate the Flower Salt Painting

Seasonally: Trade out the Flower Salt Painting for any other seasonal image! Although flowers are perfect for spring, you can really do this activity in the fall, winter or summer as well! If you do decide to keep it a spring activity and keep the flowers as the main image, you can easily differentiate the activity for having students research a specific type of flower to create out of salt!

Writing: You can extend this activity by adding a writing component to the salt painting. You can have students write a sentence about a flower, whether it is an opinion sentence about their flower, a statement about what they painted, or even a researched sentence about parts of a plant!

Insects: You can extend this activity by having students tie research into it! They can add an insect to their beautiful gardenscape, and have a sentence or two written about that insect that they researched! They could event do a salt painting for that insect as well.

More Ways to Explore Flowers:

If you’re looking for more floral inspiration, we have that too!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions about our Spring Flower Salt Painting for Kids.

Does it matter what kind of salt I use?

That’s one of the best parts about this project- you can use the salt you have! No matter how fine or coarse, any salt will work for this activity.

Can I use Tempera Paint instead of water color?

You can totally use paint that isn’t watercolor for your Spring Flower Salt Painting for Kids. The only thing we may recommend is making the paint watered down, so it will drip easily onto the canvas and the salt is able to absorb the color.

Recapping our Spring Flower Salt Painting for Kids

Whether you are a preschool teacher, daycare provider or artistic parent, your kids will LOVE this hands on, scientific activity that brings flowers to life!

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– Life Over C's A salt painting flower painted with various colors of watercolors.

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