One of my favorite parts of going into our local agricultural store is when they chicks corralled in a container, inside the store. Their adorable little ‘peeps’ and fuzzy, yellow heads melt my heart. These little peeps remind me that spring is knocking on the door and baby animals are being born.

A perfectly adorable way to celebrate spring (and fine motor skills) is to create an easy chick paper plate craft. Crafts with paper plates are one of my favorites because not only are they an easy art project, but they are super cheap as well. Whether you are working with toddlers and preschoolers, or some early elementary students, this paper plate chick is sure to get your kiddos ‘peeping’!

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Making Art With Paper Plates”

paper plate crafts for kids


  • What materials can I use to make the paper plate chick craft?
  • What other animals and plants can I find in the spring?
  • What other animals can I make using easy paper plates, pom poms, and tissue paper?

It’s important for children to be creative and use their tiny fingers for cutting, gluing, painting, and coloring. Our paper plate craft for spring can also be the perfect addition to Easter decorations and festivities.

Children can create the paper plate chicks for Easter anytime throughout the day:

  • When snack is being made
  • After a spring book read aloud
  • When it starts to rain
  • Outside enjoying the warm sun
Completed chick paper plate craft with yellow painted paper plate, orange construction paper beak and googly eyes

What Can Preschoolers Learn By Making The Easter Chick Paper Plate Craft ?

Paper plate crafts for preschoolers


  • Fine motor
  • Problem solving
  • Math concepts
  • Science exploration
  • Social/emotional skills
Paper plate chick craft with yellow painted paper plate Text says: Spring chick paper plate craft

Why Is It Important For Kids To Do Art?

Besides the fact that kids love arts and crafts projects, there are so many other reasons you should do art and craft activities with your child.

Develop a Child’s Creativity

Arts and crafts projects are a wonderful way to allow your child to show off their creative side. Art can be super fun for kids of all ages.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Where should I put this triangle? Should I use more glue? Which way should I cut this? Problem solving skills are always being used when making arts and crafts.

Develop Math Skills

Discovering shapes, sizes, positions, and measurements can all be practiced by making and constructing art projects.

Develop Science Exploration

Mixing colors can be a great way to explore color combinations. Reactions with baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring can create some beautiful and unique art on a piece of paper. Science concepts can be intertwined with art any time of day.

How To Use This Easy Paper Plate Craft

How to Use the Spring Craft Activity

  • Paint the paper plate yellow. Set aside to dry.
  • Glue the googly eyes onto the paper plate.
  • Cut out a beak and glue the beak under the eyes.
  • Cut out two feet and glue to the back of the paper plate at the bottom. 
  • Glue down the feathers at the top of the chicks head and on the sides to represent the wings. 
  • Set aside to dry, then display!

White paper plates, yellow paint, paint brush, googly eyes, orange construction paper squares for creating a chick paper plate craft

Sensory Bin

Talk about the different kinds of farm animals you might find with our farm animal sensory bin. Less smell, more fun!

In the Kitchen

Help your child cook up a tasty snack featuring some of our favorite farm animals. Those chick themed snacks look so cute it’s hard to eat them (almost)!

Count the Chicks

Check out our free chick counting printable for numbers 1-10. “1 little, 2 little, 3 little chicks!”

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