Orange, yellow, and red leaves are a beautiful reminder that fall has arrived! We love fall colors, and are always looking for new kids craft ideas to incorporate them into! If you have never tried salt painting before, then salt and glue may sound like a strange combination of materials for a painting! But trust me, kids will love creating these Salt Paint Fall Tree Activities for Preschoolers! They will be left with an adorable raised salt painting and the perfect addition to your refrigerator art or fall decor!

Fall tree salt painting for kids.

Recommended Grade Level:

Fall Tree Salt Painting Supplies:

  • Salt
  • Liquid Glue
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cardstock paper

This fall art for preschoolers is a simple activity for toddlers to complete with just a little help from an adult! All you need is a few simple materials and you will be on your way to creating this easy fall craft!

Why Should Preschoolers Paint?

  • Painting is great for hand eye coordination! Dipping the paintbrush into the water, gently pressing it into the paint, and transferring the paint to the paper all require little hands and eyes to work together to create a masterpiece!
  • Holding the paintbrush and painting is a good exercise for fine motor skill development!
  • Kids of all ages are able to express their creativity through painting!
  • Painting allows learners a hands on way to explore colors!
  • Creating art can be a calming activity for an upset child!

How To Create This Fun Fall Art Project For Preschoolers:

Supplies needed for making a fall tree salt painting.


Gather all of your materials and prepare your table. (or wherever you are going to work on your fall tree craft!) Whenever we are doing an activity with liquid watercolors, I always like to put down some old newspaper or scrap paper to help with easy clean up!

Using the white glue, trace the image of the autumn tree on the piece of card stock. Put thin lines of glue where the branches are and small globs of glue at the end of the branches where the leaves are.

White school glue over the top of a tree outline on paper.

While the glue is still wet, sprinkle salt over it.

Tap the paper to help the salt settle into any grooves, and then gently lift the paper up and shake it (over a trash can) to remove the extra salt.

Salt sprinkled on white paper and glue.

Dip the paintbrush into water and blend the watercolors to soften them. Choose a color to start with and saturate the paintbrush with that color.

Touch the paintbrush to the salt and watch as the color magically begins to spread!

Continue to paint the trunk, branches, and fall leaves until all of the salt has color. Gently rinse your brush in a cup of water and dab it dry on a paper towel between each color that you use!

Painting on top of salt to make a fall salt painting.

Allow the painting to completely dry before displaying to avoid having the paint and glue smear.

Enjoy your beautiful fall tree preschool art!

Other Salt Painting Ideas:

Salt painting with preschoolers is so much fun! After doing this fall tree art activity for preschoolers, they will be excited for other salt art projects!

  • Using a blank piece of paper or card stock allow your little one to squirt glue in their own design or pattern. Give them some salt to sprinkle onto the glue and then let them paint it!
  • Turn salt painting into a literacy activity! Print letters or hand write your little ones name on a blank piece of card stock. Let them trace it with glue and then add salt and paint!
  • For another fall craft for kids option, print out images of jack o lanterns. Your little can create the faces and expressions with glue and then decorate them with glue, salt, and paint!

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Fall tree salt painting for kids.
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