I love trying to cram as many learning opportunities as possible into each and every holiday. Simply because holidays are instantly exciting for kids! Easter lesson plans for preschool can cover a wide range of topics, from letters and numbers to colors, science, and art. Watercolor salt painting is one of those wonderful activities for preschool that blurs the lines between art, science, and just a fun Easter craft for kids.

Easter Egg Salt Painting Activity for Kids

Easter Egg Salt Painting for Kids is a wonderful way to celebrate the season while exploring the science within this colorful watercolor painting. You’ll need watercolors, liquid glue, salt, and the free printable Easter egg. Even older kids will enjoy this Easter art for kids as they watch the magic of salt absorption. If you’ve never tried raised salt painting, it’s time!

Salt Painting Science

Salt painting in preschool provides young learners with sensory experiences while teaching the science of absorption and color mixing. Depending on your students’ learning goals, you can take it in the direction that works best for your personal preschool Easter lesson plans.

What’s the science within this Easter egg craft? It’s really quite magical! As you touch the tip of the watercolor brush to the glue/salt lines, the salt quickly absorbs the liquid watercolors.

Students can experiment by using more or less water or color on the brush tip. They will learn how the color reacts with the water, and how the water reacts with the salt and glue.

This fun Easter craft idea also provides an opportunity to explore color mixing. Children will notice colors merging and forming new colors as the watercolors “travel” along the glue/salt line.

Easter egg salt painting supplies watercolors, salt, glue

How to Make this Easy Easter Craft

Easter egg salt painting for kids tracing Easter egg printable with glue


  1. Trace around the image on the coloring page with glue. 
  2. Sprinkle glue with salt as you would with glitter. Tap the paper to settle the salt into any
    grooves. Gently lift the paper and shake to remove the excess salt.
  3. Dip the paintbrush in water and blend with watercolor to soften. Saturate the paintbrush with watercolor. Then, gently touch the paintbrush to the salt. The color will spread.
  4. Allow the salt glue painting to dry completely before displaying or gifting.

Clean-up Tip: Prepare Ahead!

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Close up of Easter egg salt painting

More Salt Painting Ideas

Once you know how to paint with salt, your easy crafting options are endless! Consider the sensory benefits of the raised, textured finished product! Salt painting goes well beyond Easter activities for preschoolers.

  • Create letter/number books with one letter/number per page for students to review over and over again.
  • Make name tags with salt painting.
  • Take the “salt” theme to the next level by making salt dough (letters, numbers, chick crafts, jelly beans, Easter baskets, etc.)
  • Experiment with other types of paint to compare the salt absorption.
  • Consider other sensory-rich Easter art activities for kids like cotton ball bunnies or pom pom chicks.
Easter egg salt painting with watercolors

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