Get your free printable Easter egg math puzzles for some easy and fun spring math.

Easter is almost here. My daughter LOVES Easter! It slows me for a second because most kids like Christmas most, but she loves the hunt of the plastic eggs.

If she could get her hands on these eggs now we’d start the hunts now and it will continue for at least a couple weeks after the spring holiday.

They don’t have to be filled with candy either, because I know that’s probably what you were thinking. It is what I thought at first too. It’s not though. It’s the element of surprise and finding those super cute, colorful eggs!

I think that is why she loved these simple Easter egg math puzzles for number sense.

Match the Easter Egg Number puzzles to build number sense. Math numbers to dice.

Recommended Grade Level:

Easter 1-20 Number Puzzle Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Laminating Supplies

Simple Easter Egg Puzzles For Number Sense

For young children, learning 0-20 is not just learning the numbers. A child who has number sense understands the fluidity and fluency of each number. The understanding of how the numbers work together also involved.

One of my favorite ways to encourage a child to learn number sense is by presenting numbers in various ways, like with this Easter egg math puzzle. Matching the numbers to the dice is a fantastic way to see the same number in multiple ways.

Do you need to work with one to one correspondence? Try this easy Easter math printable grid game for an easy way to work on counting.

Kindergarten Easter egg math printable. Match the numbers and the correct pictures of dice.

Materials Needed For Easter Egg Math Puzzle

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
Match the Easter Egg Number Sense Puzzles for a fun spring Easter egg math activity.

To Prep: 
First, download and print the Easter Egg number sense game. I recommend printing on card stock or laminating for durability.

Cut out each piece of the game.

At this point you can laminate it. This is obviously not required, but I prefer to laminate to extend the life of the activity. Especially if multiple children or a whole classroom will use it.

Number matching Easter egg math puzzles for 0-20. Match the pieces of the Easter Egg puzzles.

To Use: 
Mix the pieces of the eggs side up on the table.

Have the child match the number with the dice that equal the number. This activity includes eggs for numbers 0 through 20, so this can be done with only a few numbers at a time or all of the numbers.

Use these Easter Egg math number recognition puzzles to count by fives.

Activity Alternatives:

  • You could turn the egg pieces upside down and play as a traditional matching game. Still matching the numbers but adding the practice of strengthening short term memory as well.
  • You can use these to help with evens, odds, or other skip counting.
  • Add pieces to a sensory bin. Kids can explore the sensory bin and find matches simultaneously.
  • Have the kids build skip counting patterns with the egg puzzles.

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