This fun printable Easter math game helps children with number recognition, counting, writing numbers, and so much more.

Math Counting Grids are one of my favorite counting activities because they are so versatile. You can use them with mini erasers, math counters, or pom poms. You can also simply ‘x’ them off with a dry eraser marker (either laminate or place them in a write and wipe pocket.)

– Life Over C's Free printable Easter counting grids.

Recommended Grade Level:

Easter Egg Counting Grids Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Mini Erasers
  • Laminating Supplies

Printable Easter Math Game for Kids

We use these printable grids along with some fun mini erasers that I picked up from Target. You could also use bingo markers, buttons, pom poms, or any other small math counter that you have on hand.

I’m a huge fan of mini erasers, but I’m also a huge fan of using what you have on-hand. So you don’t have to make a special trip to the store just to enjoy these simple math games.

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– Life Over C's Overhead photo showing an Easter egg counting grid, an Easter egg dice, and egg mini erasers.

Preparation: Print the Counting Grids below. This set comes with 3 different grids, one for each: 10, 20 & 100. I have also included a black and white version as well as the full color version.

– Life Over C's Printed out black and white Easter math counting grids.

After printing I usually laminate the sheets so that they will last longer. You can also use write and wipe pockets for a quick-prep activity.

For counting grids as well as other math activities, we like using our giant foam dice.  We have found that they are incredibly fun just to roll around, so they make an excellent addition to this counting grid activity. I also really like that they aren’t loud, so they won’t distract other kids. It is also super convenient that they all have a different range of numbers, 1-6, 1-12 and even 1-20.

I have also included differentiation cube inserts with a fun Easter theme as a great way to change up the activity. There is a set that only includes the numbers 1-3 which make a great cube to use with the counting to 10 mat (makes the activity last a little longer.)

There is also a 1-6 set that works great with the counting to 20 and 100 math grids.

– Life Over C's An Easter egg counting grid with egg mini erasers placed on top.

Additional Ways To Use the Easter Math Game

We also use this activity for practicing one-to-one correspondence. This is helpful for teaching a child that each piece equals ‘1’.

– Life Over C's Counting to 100 Easter egg counting grid.

These printables are fantastic for practicing addition. We take the dice and roll twice, add the numbers together and then record the answer on the counting grids.

Subtraction can also be done in a similar way by first filling the counting grids and then removing the mini erasers as you roll the dice.

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– Life Over C's Free printable Easter counting grids.
– Life Over C's Easter themed number counting grid game for counting to 20.
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