Whether this basket is used for Easter or simply Spring storage, these Chick Easter Baskets are the perfect crafts for kids. You can do this craft together as a teacher-guided event with students, or you can have that craft ready for them and present it to them filled with new spring sensory toys, spring books, or theme items for spring. This Chick Easter Baskets for kids are the perfect things to display and enjoy in this season.

– Life Over C's Two photos showing a coffee can turned into a chick Easter basket.

Recommended Grade Level:

Chick Easter Basket Craft Supplies:

  • coffee container (empty and clean)
  • yellow construction paper 
  • orange construction paper 
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
  • two large googly eyes 
  • yellow paper shred
  • Easter basket filler items: plastic eggs, small toys, candy, etc. 
  • yellow feathers

Making the Chick Easter Basket Craft

Baby chicks and springs go hand in hand, so this Chick Easter Basket Craft for Kids is the perfect way to bring chicks into the classroom during your preschool spring theme. They are cute, they are needy and they’re a little all over the place. Just like our preschoolers and young kids! You can either have these baskets finished, or have this simple craft turn into a lesson in following directions.

Following directions for preschoolers is a skill that they need to practice, as it comes in very handy as they continue on in elementary, middle and high school. Following directions is something that will never end, so the more practice we can give them with simple tasks, the more effective they will be down the line with following directions.

Not only does this Chick Easter Basket Craft for Kids allow for practice with following directions, but you can also incorporate learning through the use of the baskets. You can use these to teach color sorting, but having students separate their eggs into different baskets depending on the color. They are also great for math practice. You can also count the total eggs in each basket, add them together, find the difference from one basket to the other, and even graph the different colors of eggs! All of these skills practiced from one simple Chick Easter Basket Craft.

– Life Over C's Supplies for making the chick Easter basket craft.

Supplies Needed for Your Chick Easter Basket Craft

  • coffee container (empty and clean)
  • yellow construction paper 
  • orange construction paper 
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
  • two large googly eyes 
  • yellow paper shred
  • Easter basket filler items: plastic eggs, small toys, candy, etc. 
  • yellow feathers

Steps Needed for Your Chick Easter Basket Craft

Step 1

I would start by laying your yellow paper on the table, and then putting the coffee container on it’s side to make sure the paper would cover it all. Wrap the coffee container with yellow construction paper and use glue or tape to secure the construction paper to the container.

– Life Over C's Overhead photo showing a piece of yellow construction paper and a pair of scissors.

Step 2

Once the yellow paper is wrapped around the coffee container, you can glue the googly eyes onto the construction paper.

Tip: If you don’t have googly eyes, you can just draw them on with a marker!

– Life Over C's Gluing a googly eye onto the chick easter basket craft.

Step 3

Using orange construction paper, you can cut out a beak using orange construction paper. Glue the beak under the eyes. Having your students cut out triangles on their own will make each basket different and perfectly unique. And what a great practice for shape recognition.

– Life Over C's A pair of black scissors on top of an orange piece of paper with a small triangle cut out.

Step 4

If you decided to buy feathers, now is the time to use them! Slightly separate the paper and the canister,and place the feathers between the container and the construction paper. You can add more tape or glue to the feathers, so that they stay in place.

– Life Over C's Chick Easter basket craft with two googly eyes, an orange beak, and yellow feathers.

Step 5

Fill the container with paper shred. This will help the Easter eggs in your Chick Easter Basket Craft for Kids sit closer to the top so they can be seen! After you have your shred in the basket, you can add plastic Easter eggs, baby chicks, or whatever else you are planning to use in your Easter Basket!

– Life Over C's The completed chick Easter basket with paper grass inside.

More Easter Activity Suggestions

Make a bunny Easter basket to go along with your (not-so-little) chick! This is another great reuse/recycling project.

Our paper plate chick art activity would be fun for Easter too!

I’d love to see your chick Easter basket! Tag us on Instagram or share in our Facebook group.

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– Life Over C's Two photos showing a coffee can turned into a chick Easter basket.

35+ Easter Math and Literacy Activities

– Life Over C's Preschool activities for Easter
– Life Over C's Easter theme literacy and math activities for preshcool
– Life Over C's Easter preschool math and literacy activities

Included in the Easter Math and Literacy Activities:

  • 2 Sets of Easter Bunny Number Mats (empty ten-frame, filled ten-frame)
  • Easter Basket Beginning Sound Match Up
  • 4 Sets of Easter Clip Cards (color, ten-frame, array, shape)
  • Class Set of Easter BINGO
  • 2 Easter Graphing Dice Games
  • 2 Easter Spinner Graphing Games
  • Line Tracing Cards
  • Easter Line-Up Puzzles for Counting to 5 & 10
  • 4 Easter themed Matching Games (picture, number, alphabet, rhyme)
  • Easter Egg Missing Number Cards
  • 3 Levels of AB Patterns
  • Easter Play Dough Mats
  • 2 Sets of Counting to 10 Puzzles (array, ten-frame)
  • Easter Bunny Shape Puzzles
  • 2 Easter Roll and Count Mats
  • 2 Sets of Sorting Activities (shapes and numbers 1-10)
  • Easter Bunny Sorting Game
  • 5 Spin & Cover Games (1-5, 6-10, shape, picture)
  • Bunny Ten-Frame Cards
  • Easter Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 4 Sets of Tracing Cards (uppercase, lowercase, number, shape)
  • Visual Discernment Clip Cards
  • Trace, Write & Draw the Room

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