Free Printable Visual Schedule for Kids

Mornings can be C.R.A.Z.Y.! I’ve seen it all, from refusals to brush teeth to running out the door (10 minutes late) with sobbing kids in tow. This free printable visual schedule for home is a lifesaver! There are so many benefits of a visual schedule for kids! It sets the tone, creates consistency, and empowers them to be responsible!

This free printable visual schedule for kids will help you have amazing mornings with your kids.

Whether you’re heading out the door in the morning or establishing an after-school routine for your kids, this Free Printable Visual Schedule for Kids will work to create a peaceful routine. And peaceful kids mean peaceful parents, right?!

Importance of a Consistent Schedule

As a parent, one of our jobs is to help our kids become responsible adults. My goal is to raise kids who feel they can achieve whatever they put their minds to! 

One of the benefits of using visual schedule printables for daily routines is that it helps create independent kids, who will then become successful adults! 

Have You Used Visual Schedules with Your Kids?

You will be amazed at the transformation that can occur after implementing this simple visual aid. Your kids will want to take care of each and every step because they will be gratified each and every time they get to move a picture onto the “finished” grid!

My morning routine visual schedule for kids to help plan mornings and afternoons.

This colorful and fun visual schedule for kids is easy to use and offers the kids a steady routine. This also makes for a more stress-free home environment for mom, dad and the kids!

Free printable visual schedule for mornings and after school. Visual schedule to help kids with daily transitions and tasks

For the kids’ afternoon routines, we have slots for hanging up their backpacks, snack time, homework, free play time, and chores. After we eat supper, and the kids are ready for bed, they can use the schedule for their bedtime routine like brushing their teeth or reading a book.

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Our printable picture schedule has spaces on the chart for your child’s morning routine visual schedule, including getting dressed, brushing their hair, making their bed, eating breakfast, and preparing lunch. Seeing this sequence of events will help your kids stay on track with their morning tasks.

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Our kids feel more secure when they have a steady routine in place. Secure kids are better equipped to handle changes, setbacks, and emotions. This enables the kids to focus on school work and have a better school day, which can then take some pressure off their dedicated teachers!

This free printable visual schedule for kids will help you have amazing mornings with your kids.

How to Use the Before School/After School Routine for Kids Printable

Preparing the free printable morning routine chart for kids is easy! Just print out the before/after school checklist below and choose the kids’ morning routine picture cards/after-school cards that work for your family. 

I recommend laminating for durability, or place the kids after school routine chart inside a plastic sleeve. This also allows you to use dry erase markers to customize with children’s names, or highlight their favorite part of the day!

Use clear Velcro dots to attach pictures in the “to do” and “finishied” sections of the schedule.

As each item of the morning routine checklist for kids is completed, words of encouragement, like “Great Work!” ‘You’re a Rock Star!” and “Fantastic!” are revealed. This free printable kids morning routine chart is also a wonderful tool to use with special needs kids (like my youngest who has Rett Syndrome), children with autism, and individuals with autism. 

If you have a non-verbal child in your life, the printable visual supports
provide a reliable way to communicate! 

It’s no secret that kids function better when they can rely on a consistent routine. Parents and caregivers will love that when kids come home after a busy day and walk in the door, they know exactly what to do! You can give a hug, smile, and point to those routine cards!

You won’t need to give repeated reminders about putting away backpacks, cleaning rooms, getting snacks, doing homework and chores! The checklist for kids also helps them! Kids who have difficulty coping will benefit greatly by referring to the printable visual schedule picture cards to point the way.

My Morning Routine free printable for kids Featured Image

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