November is the perfect time to think of things we are thankful for. Kids often take things for granted, and Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to help them think about others and what they are grateful for. With this activity, kids will get to make a fun and adorable craft, but they will also get to think about the blessings they have in life, and how those blessings help them live happier, healthier lives. This craft is classroom-friendly and requires just a few materials to make. The real feathers give this little turkey a fun and unexpected twist.

This thankful turkey feather craft is the perfect way to talk about thankfulness with the kids this Thanksgiving.

Cut the toilet paper roll in half, or the paper towel roll into thirds or quarters. This makes a cuter turkey shape.

Cut out triangles for feet and cut out a triangle for the beak along the fold of a sheet of paper so that the turkey’s mouth can open and close.

Cut out a little red wattle from red paper.

Glue the feet, eyes, beak, and wattle to the turkey.

Have kids think of one thing they are thankful for every day. Write that thing down on a feather.

Glue the feathers one at a time to the inside of the paper roll to give your turkey an impressive tail.

The more thankful the child is, the more spectacular the turkey’s tail will get!

If you don’t want to do this activity over time, the kids can think of about 7-9 things they are thankful for at once to build the turkey’s tail.

These turkeys make a fun Thanksgiving display for the classroom or for home!

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