Making turkey crafts during the fall season is such a fun event! We love how much you can do with construction paper and a little imagination. Today we’re going to show you how to make an easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers. With just a handful of supplies, you can have some leaf turkeys to decorate the house just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers are so much fun. We love talking about what we’re thankful for whenever we dig into a Thanksgiving-themed craft, like these leaf turkeys featured below. This easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers will keep the little ones occupied, too. A great way to give your preschoolers something creative to do while you prepare for your family’s holiday feast.

Fall leaf turkeys made with construction paper and fakes fall leaf craft for preschoolers

Recommended Grade Level:

Leaf Turkey Craft for Preschool Supplies:

  • Construction paper (brown, red, yellow)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes
  • Faux Leaves

Before you start collecting your craft supplies for these easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers, we have some tips to help you enjoy craft time with your preschoolers.

5 Tips for a Safe Craft Time with Preschoolers

The whole mission behind making this leaf turkey craft for preschoolers is to let your child use their imagination and have fun. While you do want to have some fun with your preschoolers during craft time, there are some preparations you can do to make sure craft time with your preschoolers is safe and doesn’t stain the house.

Set Out Newspaper

It doesn’t matter that there’s only glue, rather than paint or markers, with this easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers. As you know, little ones can make a huge mess with the simplest of supplies. Place newspaper down on the surface you’ll be making these leaf turkeys on to keep it free of glue debris.

Embrace the Messy

Regardless of how prepared you get with the surface for making crafts with preschoolers, they’ll find a way to make a mess. Preschoolers are silly, joyous and enjoy doing their own thing while making this easy leaf turkey craft, so let them have some fun while you embrace a little messiness during craft time.

Let Them Be Creative

Don’t show your preschoolers a finished leafy turkey, just work with them to make this easy craft for preschoolers. Allow your preschooler to use their imagination while they create their own googly eye face and feathers on their leaf turkeys.

These are just some of our favorite tips to make crafting with preschoolers during the fall season more festive and fun. You’ll have a little mess with the googly eyes and glue, but remember making crafts with preschoolers is supposed to fun and messy. Embrace these joyous moments while you have them and enjoy using this easy leaf craft for preschoolers to create magical bonding moments with your preschooler today.

Additional Ideas for Leaf Turkeys: Easy Leaf Turkey Craft for Preschoolers

As you can see this is an easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers, but there’s more you can do with your leaf turkeys. Below you’ll find some additional ideas for what you can do with your leaf turkeys when your preschoolers are finished.

Make Thankful Turkeys

Have your preschoolers talk about what they’re thankful for. Help your preschooler write one word or person’s name on each of their leaf turkeys to show what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Super simple Thanksgiving leaf turkey craft for preschoolers using construction paper, googly eyes and fake leaves.

Create Family Words

Have your preschoolers tell you a word that they think of when it comes to thinking about Mommy or Daddy. Write that word on their leaf turkey and use it as a positive word fall décor piece in your home.

Make a Stand

Use the extra construction paper to make a stand for this easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers. This stand can be used to stand up your leaf turkeys at the Thanksgiving dinner table or a shelf in the home.

These are just some of our favorite ways to expand your craft time with your preschooler. These leaf turkeys are adorable as they are, but adding a little thankfulness or positivity into the mix during craft time is the perfect way to teach your preschoolers about Thanksgiving.

How to Make Easy Leaf Turkey Craft for Preschoolers

Cut two circles from the brown construction paper, a teardrop shape from the red construction paper, and a small triangle from the yellow construction paper.

Create a thanksgiving turkey craft for preschool with construction paper and fake fall leaves

Glue the two brown circles together to form the turkey’s body. Glue the red teardrop and yellow triangle on the center of the top circle as the turkey’s beak. Add two googly eyes on top of the beak.

Glue construction paper circles together to create the body of a turkey fall craft for preschool.

Create the turkey’s feathers using the faux leaves by gluing the leaves to the back of the turkey’s body. So easy!!

Create a leaf turkey craft for preschool with fake leaves and construction paper.

Now that you’ve tips to help you enjoy a safe and fun fall craft time with your preschoolers and have the instructions to create your own easy leaf turkey craft for preschoolers, I hope you’ll follow our step by step instructions to make your own leaf turkeys with your preschooler this fall season.

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