Learning the alphabet can be a challenge when you are a preschooler. Most of the time preschoolers lack the fine motor skills to write letters on lined paper. In turn, teaching the alphabet to preschoolers requires multi-sensory ways to explore the alphabet without the added pressure of learning to hold a pencil. This Thanksgiving Preschool Alphabet Activity is the perfect way to explore letters this fall! Kids love spinners and especially love alphabet stamp sets. The free printable alphabet activity for preschool easily gets them motivated to learn letters of the alphabet, both uppercase and lower.

– Life Over C's Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey Theme

Recommended Grade Level:

Thanksgiving Alphabet Spin & Stamp Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Ink Pad
  • Paper Clip/Fastener (spinner)

Learning Alphabet Letter Recognition in Preschool Worksheets


The fun Thanksgiving preschool activity is the perfect way to engage kids in the holiday while giving them valuable practice with letter recognition. Extend your turkey activities for preschool by making play dough letters on paper plates, or other turkey crafts/Thanksgiving crafts.

Learning letters of the alphabet forms a crucial foundation for learning to read. When kids have exposure and repetition with letter names, letter formations, and sounds, they will find it easier to learn how to decode words in later reading instruction.

The holiday season can be full of distractions for our young learners. Preschool Thanksgiving activities are an ideal way to keep kids’ interest while still giving them the skill practice they need all year long.

Because learning letters and sounds requires much repetition, changing themes throughout the year to work on the same skills and knowledge is a fresh start for students.

Use the turkey activity about letters as a starting point for conversations about letters and sounds:

  • Is the letter formed with straight/curved/both lines?
  • How is the uppercase alike/different from the lowercase?
  • What sound does this letter make?
  • Can you think of a word(s) that begins with the same sound?
Preschoolers will love learning about uppercase and lowercase letters with this Thanksgiving Alphabet Activity. This free printable is perfect for fall! #freeprintable #preschool #alphabet #kindergarten #thanksgiving #fall

What Can Kids Learn While Playing the Letters Thanksgiving Activity for Preschool?


The Thanksgiving Alphabet Spin & Stamp works on important pre-reading skills:

  • Letter identification
  • Sound identification
  • Uppercase/lowercase discernment
  • Fine motor development
– Life Over C's Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey Theme

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Letters?

Letter identification of both uppercase and lowercase letters forms an important foundation for learning to read. Hands-on activities make it fun and interesting for young learners.

Background Knowledge

When students understand letters of the alphabet and can name and match them, they have a lot of knowledge to draw from when they start learning letter sounds and basic decoding.

Connect Letters to Words

Learning letter names helps children make important connections, like each letter stands for a particular sound and when we string them together it makes a word.

Alphabetic Principle

Learning letter names contributes to understanding the alphabetic principle: The idea that written language is made up of letters that correspond to sounds in spoken language.

Increases Automaticity

The more activities and games children play while learning letter names/sounds helps them develop automaticity. The easier it is to recall and match letter names/sounds, the easier it will be to learn to read.

How to Make The Thanksgiving Alphabet Spin & Stamp

To Prep:

To use the Thanksgiving Spin & Stamp activity simply print and go! There is no prep work needed. You can print on regular paper.

To create a spinner, place a paper clip around the tip of the pencil as shown below. Or you can place a paper clip on a paper fastener and insert the fastener through the center of the spinner.

Printable alphabet activity for preschool. Free thanksgiving activity for uppercase and lowercase letters.

To Play:

Hold the pencil down and use a finger to flick the paperclip to spin it. Then stamp the uppercase or lowercase letter that was spun. We love these kid-sized alphabet stamps because they are super easy for the kids to hold and see what they are stamping.

The spinner will land on either the upper case letter or lower case letter. Your child will then pick the stamp for that letter and press it onto the paper.

Free printable alphabet activity for Thanksgiving.

Extend the Activity:

Alphabet Books

You can also pair the Thanksgiving literacy activity for preschool with themed alphabet books for the perfect writing station! You can read the books with the kids or have them explore the books independently.

Use a Pencil

For students who are ready for letter tracing and writing, they can use a pencil/crayon/marker to practice writing the letters instead of stamping them.

Practice Sounds

Instead of just using the learning activity for letter recognition, you can ask children to identify the sound each letter makes, and name a few words that begin with that sound (/p/ pumpkin pie)!

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– Life Over C's Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey Theme
– Life Over C's Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey Theme
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