Parents, teachers, and caregivers know the importance of learning to read. Kids? Well, they “just wanna have fu-un,” as the old song goes! Learning letter names and sounds is a critical part of the foundation for future reading skills. And we’re building it in young minds that might be a bit distracted! That’s not a small or menial task.

So those of us working with tots and preschoolers have found really creative ways to approach learning the alphabet. We create hands-on activities that engage kids in multi-sensory ways. This Apple Theme Alphabet Stamp Activity for Preschoolers is an amazing tool for teaching uppercase/lowercase letter recognition.

– Life Over C's Apple Spin and Stamp worksheets

Recommended Grade Level:

Apple Spin & Stamp Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Paperclip/Pencil (spinner)
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Ink Pad

Learning the Letters of the Alphabet in Preschool

alphabet activities for preschool

The Apple Theme Alphabet Stamp Activities for Preschool fits well with a theme unit on fall, an apple unit, or perhaps you’re learning about Johnny Appleseed himself. The alphabet learning activity includes full-page printables of each letter, A-Z. It’s super versatile, all you need to do is print! Keep reading for ideas on how to use this fun alphabet activity with your students.

Alphabet letter activities for preschool need to engage students far beyond the traditional ABC song or alphabet printables. Children need to interact with fun, active learning to keep them interested.

Learning letters and sounds takes patience and practice! When non-readers look at the letters of the alphabet, they see shapes consisting of lines and curves. It’s helpful for teachers to take a step back and remember that it takes a lot of repetition before preschoolers begin to recognize and remember the names of each letter.

Alphabet activities, worksheets, and coloring pages should be fun ways to expose young minds to the letters in meaningful ways.

Alphabet crafts and alphabet coloring pages also help children learn letters while working on dexterity by cutting, coloring, and gluing. It also gives kids a finished product to share and be proud of. This will make it more likely for them to remember the letter(s)!

As you play Spin & Stamp, you can pose additional questions:

  • What is the name of the letter? Sound?
  • Do you have this letter in your name?
  • Does the uppercase letter look like the lowercase letter? How?
  • What is your favorite letter? Why?
– Life Over C's A child using a pencil and a paper clip as a spinner for the Apple Theme Alphabet Stamp Activities for Preschool.

What Can Preschoolers Learn By Playing Alphabet Spin & Stamp?


I created this apple theme unit printable to be as versatile and diverse as your students! While some learners might be ready to receive a packet containing ALL 26 letters, others should maybe only focus on letters in their first name.

The purpose of the alphabet activity for preschool printable letter pages is for students to begin to discern between the uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter. However, some students might be ready for more.

Keep in mind that you can create individual packets for each of your students. Another option is to laminate each letter matching page and place them at a learning center for students to explore as many or few letters as they would like. With this option, they can use a dry/wet-erase marker to work on letter tracing and writing instead of a letter stamp.

What Are The Benefits Of Spin and Stamp Activities?

Besides the fact that free printable preschool alphabet worksheets with a spin and stamp game are awesome for practicing letters, there are many other benefits to using spin and stamp activities for kids. Time flies, and soon your little one will be learning about proper nouns!

Learning is Fun

Spin and stamp activities, letter or word searches, and coloring pages keep learning fun and interactive for kids.


Sometimes young kids just need a safe space to calm down. Engaging the brain with an alphabet uppercase and lowercase printable could help a child refocus.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Stamping letter stamps, spinning a spinner, or cut and paste worksheets require eyes and hands to work together for the important development of hand-eye coordination skills.

Follow Directions

The step-by-step nature of a spin and stamp game improves listening and reading comprehension skills while giving kids a chance to take turns in a partner game.

How to Use the Preschool Apple Theme Printable

  • Printer
  • Paper clip (for spinner)
  • Pencil (for spinner)
  • Letter stamps (uppercase and lowercase)
  • Ink pad

How to Make The Activity:

To Prep:

To use the free printable alphabet activity for preschool simply print and go! There is no prep work needed. You can print on regular paper. You don’t want to laminate because kids will use alphabet letter stamps for preschool for the activity.

To create a spinner, place a paper clip around the tip of the pencil as shown below. Or you can place a paper clip on a paper fastener and insert the fastener through the center of the spinner.

To Play:

Hold the pencil down and use a finger to flick the paperclip and it will spin. Then stamp the uppercase or lower case letter that was spun. We love these kid-sized alphabet stamps because they are super easy for the kids to hold and see what they are stamping.

The spinner will land on either the uppercase or lowercase letter printable. Your child will then pick the stamp for that letter and press it onto the paper.

Extend the Activity:


Stamp the letters into kinetic sand or play dough using these fun dough stampers to teach the alphabet through multiple senses. Write sight words, names, or CVC words.

Magnetic Letters

Hide magnetic letters in a sensory bin, or scatter them on a magnetic board. Kids find/pick a letter, then find the matching stamp.

Letter Sounds

Instead of just using the learning activity for letter recognition, children can learn letter sounds. Ask them to name a few words that begin with that sound (/b/ bee)!

Apple Activities

Math-practice counting by placing red and green pompoms onto apple tree mats. Cut apples open and count the seeds.

Apple Crafts

Cut apples in half and make prints by dipping them in paint and pressing them onto paper. Create apple patterns with red and green apple cutouts.

Apple Science

Visit an apple orchard to culminate your apple theme preschool unit. You can pick apples, and then “dissect” them. Study the life cycle of an apple, from seed to fruit.

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– Life Over C's Apple Spin and Stamp worksheets
– Life Over C's Apple Spin and Stamp worksheets
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