After learning to recognize individual letters, most kids are ready to move on to the beginning stages of phonics. These 25 tools for learning letter sounds are perfect for introducing preschoolers to the sounds of each letter.  Your kids will be begging to practice their letters with all of these fun activities!

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25+ Tools for Learning Letter Sounds

Learning Beginning Sounds



Learning Resources Alphabet Marks The Spot Floor Mat

What a fun way to practice the alphabet!! Plus, the kids work gross motor skills while playing!



LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

This fridge set has been a family hit in our home for many years!



Learning Resources Alphabet Island A Letter & Sounds Game

Simple enough for kids to use on their own and super fun!



Alphabet Cookies

These alphabet cookies are so sweet and a great way to entice your learners to practice letter sounds!



Power Pen – Beginning Sounds

We love using the power pen! It’s a great way to promote independent learning and reinforces confidence.



Beginning Sounds Learning Puzzles

These puzzles help beginning readers master letter sounds with fun puzzle play.



Hot Dots Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics

So many words included in this pack to practice phonics skills!



Alphabet Pocket Chart

This alphabet pocket chart is so fun to practice sorting by letter sounds!



Alphabet Soup Sorters

These 26 containers contain items for each letter and make learning letter sounds so fun and engaging.

Phonics Learning Videos



Rock ‘N Learn Letter Sounds DVD

We’re fans of all Rock ‘n’ Learn DVDs and this is no exception! My kids could watch these for hours!



Let’s Start Smart Learning To Read- Alphabet And Letter Sounds DVD

This is a simple DVD with original songs with a flash-card style that is easy for young children to pick up on.



Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD

We love the letter factory DVD! It has been a staple in our home and has helped my girls learn their letter sounds.

Word Building Kits



Phonics Center Kit-Building Words

So many words included in this pack to practice phonics skills!



Learning Resources Phonics Cubes Class Set

Such a fun way to practice word families!



Junior Learning Rainbow Phonics – Magnetic Letters

I love how these magnets have letter combinations! A great way to learn about vowel sounds!

Learning About Vowels



Phonetic Reading Blocks for the Beginning Reader

So many words included in this pack to practice phonics skills!



Short Vowel Spelling Game for CVC Words

These CVC word letter tiles and picture cards are a great way to practice short vowel sounds!



Magnetic CVC Word Building Pocket Chart

This magnet pocket chart is a fun and interactive way to practice short vowel sounds and CVC words.



Vowel Owls Sorting Set

Sort by vowel sounds with these adorable owls!



Word Shark Short Vowels Game

Grab this short vowels word game and practice word families along with vowels.



Tricky Sticks Short Vowel Game

This vowel game is so fun and engaging and simple to play!

Rhyming Games and Puzzles



Learning Resources Rhyme and Sort Rockets

It’s time to rhyme and sort with these rhyming cards. It’s a favorite activity for beginning readers!



Rhyming Words Puzzle Pairs

Match the rhymes with these puzzles!



Rhyming Bingo

This rhyming bingo game is fun for the whole family!

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