When you have kids, or love to work with them, winter means snowmen, snowball fights, hot cocoa, and cozy coats. Let’s get in the spirt of a wonderful winter with these interactive graphs for kindergarten.

I created this free printable winter graphing activity pack for you to jazz up your winter math activities. Choose from one of the three fun graphing activities in the winter graphing pack or do them all!

3 Free printable winter graphing activities for your winter math centers.

Learning About Graphing

Graphing activities for preschoolers


Get a full-year of math activities

A full-year of kindergarten math activities: perfect for small groups, partner activities and independent centers.

  • Which picture was rolled the most?
  • Which picture was rolled the least?
  • Were any two pictures rolled the same amount of time?
  • If you try the activity again, will you get the same results?

Kindergarten graphing worksheets are a great way to show and share information and practice graphing skills in a fun, visual activity.

If you are using these activities in a classroom, start with introducing these activities as a whole group. Afterwards you can follow up with small groups or individually.

Use these adorable winter graphing worksheets for kindergarten in math centers or even during small group lessons.

In addition to learning about graphing lessons for kindergarten, here are some more ideas for what you can teach about analyzing data:

  • Why do we need this information?
  • How can we use the results?
  • What does this tell us about numbers?
  • How can we use graphs in real life?

Why Is It Important For Kids To Graph?

Besides providing numerical information and relationships, graphing can benefit kids in different ways and encourage other math skills.

Free Printable Winter Themed Graphing Activities

Need graphing ideas for kindergarten? Here are 3 different activities in this winter graphing set.

  • Graphing dice for math centers
  • Low-Prep graphing printable
  • Whole class or small group graphing activity
Free printable winter graphing games for your math center.

How To Use These Winter Graphing Activities for Kindergarten

Graphing games and lesson plans

To prep the math center graphing activities, simply print, laminate and cut apart the cube inserts.

You could also slip the graphing paper into a write & wipe page protector to save time.

Place the cube insert pictures into your differentiated instruction cube. (I seriously could not teach without mine, I use them all.the.time.)

Then, have the kids roll the cube and graph the results. Finish rolling when one column reaches the top of the graph.

You can use a dry erase crayon to fill the graph or grab your favorite winter mini erasers.

Free graphing activities for your winter math centers. Learn about graphing with kindergarteners.

Low-Prep Graphing Activity

This low-prep graphing activity is great when you are short on prep time.

So when you have little kids… that’s pretty much every day.

Just print & go with this fun color graphing activity for winter.

Low-prep graphing activity for morning work or fast finishers. Engage your fast finishers with this fun graphing activity.

Create a quick spinner with the use of a pencil and paper clip. Just hold the pencil down on the middle of the spinner on the paper, through the paper clip, and spin the paper clip. The pencil will hold the paper clip down and it becomes a super simple and brilliant spinner.

Whichever color the spinner lands on is what the students will color the first mitten. Spin again to find the color for the next mitten, repeat until all of the mittens are colored. Next, have the students graph the colors.

This simple print & go graphing activity for kindergarteners will save you time and ink.

Whole Classroom Graphing Activity

This set has everything you will need to engage your class or small group in a larger graphing experiment. What a perfect example of a count and graph kindergarten activity.

First, print out the dice, labels and graphing cards.

Place the labels in the top of your pocket chart and insert the images for the dice into your differentiated instruction cube.

Have you seen these magnetic pocket charts? Perfect for attaching to a whiteboard for a quick activity without adding extra clutter to your room.

Then, have each child take a turn rolling the cube and graphing the picture that they roll.

Whole class or small group graphing activity for kindergarteners. Perfect for winter themed math lessons.

As a class or small group, discuss the results:

  • Which picture was rolled the most?
  • Which picture was rolled the least?
  • Were any two pictures rolled the same amount of time?
  • If you try the activity again, will you get the same results?

Other Ways To Use Winter Graphing Activities:

Telling a Story

Use the chilly winter pictures to encourage creative story telling. Kids can use their imagination along with the graphics to create a wintery wonderland story.

Matching Letter Sounds

Have your students identify the beginning sounds of the mug, cocoa, and hat. Tell your students to draw pictures or write words underneath the pictures that begins with the same letter sound.

Favorite Winter Activity

Use the smaller winter graph to determine your children’s’ favorite winter activity. They can vote for which image they prefer (sledding, snowballs, hot cocoa, etc.)

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