Do your kids have a favorite book character? My six-year-old is pretty obsessed with Pete the Cat… it almost rivals her love for Moana. Which she still watches When she goes to grab a book from her shelves, you can place a bet that it will be Pete the Cat. Since she loves that silly cat so much, I’ve been creating some fun math activities to go along with them, so that we can combine our math and literacy time. You’ll want to check out our Button Counting Grids and Cupcake Counting Grids that go perfectly with some of our favorite Pete the Cat books. This free printable colored shoe graphing activity for preschoolers is a great addition to our Pete the Cat games!

– Life Over C's Learn about graphing with your preschoolers! This free printable colored shoe graphing printable is great with Pete the Cat books! It's also a great way to work on counting and learning colors1

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for Shoe Graphing Activity:

  • Paper
  • Mini Erasers
  • Differentiate Instruction Cube

To prep: Print the graph and dice from the download at the end of this post. There are two options for the cube. You can choose between creating your own cube (great if you don’t have the photo cubes) or using our favorite Differentiated Instruction Cube as a die.

– Life Over C's Kids love these fun colored shoe graphing printables. Such a fun way to work on graphing with your preschoolers!

If you choose to make your own cube, fold the cube template on the inside lines and tape it into a cube. I find it helpful to put additional tape on the outside of the cube to give the dice a little bit more weight and to last longer.

Then, laminate the graph for durability. If you laminate, you can also use dry erase marker to mark each box as the pictures are rolled. We love using mini erasers for just about everything! (My 10-year-old actually decorated a cardboard box creation that she made yesterday with our stash of penguin mini erasers!)

To use: Simply roll the cube and mark which animal was rolled.

Continue rolling until one column reaches the top.

We used this graphing activity to also work on naming colors. Shiloh is great at sorting and matching colors, but she is still struggling with naming the colors and activities such as this provide us lots of opportunities to name the colors as she rolls and places the graph markers.

“You rolled a purple shoe!”

“Can you place an erase above the purple shoe?”

– Life Over C's We love using our differentiated instruction cubes for math games! This fun colored shoe graphing activity for preschoolers is a fun math game!

She gets tired of people asking her to say things (because it’s hard for her), so I don’t require her to repeat the color names. This is important to consider when a child has speech issues. They hear so often “repeat after me” or “p, p, purple” that they get frustrated.

I never want to cause her frustration that would get in the way of her learning, so I am careful to model and allow her to say the words on her own.

– Life Over C's Practice counting to five and learning colors with your preschoolers! They'll love these activities that go perfectly with their favorite Pete the Cat books!

Once one of the colors reaches the top of the graph, guide your child in analyzing the data:

Practice counting and count each column.

What animal was rolled the most? The least?

Did any animals get rolled the same amount? Not at all?

Then, you can write down the totals, clear the graph and do it again.

Did you get the same results?

Why do you think you didn’t get the same results?

While this is a simple activity to do, this is the beginning stages of understanding probability, so it’s an important skill. Plus, my daughter just LOVES tossing the dice…

Do you love this activity?

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– Life Over C's Learn about graphing with your preschoolers! This free printable colored shoe graphing printable is great with Pete the Cat books! It's also a great way to work on counting and learning colors1
– Life Over C's shoe color graphing activities for preschoolers
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  1. Thank you for this free cute black sheep counting cards. My granddaughter who is in preschool needs the extra number practice This will work well for her! I appreciate you having free activities.
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    1. I’m sorry, I am unable to do custom adjustments on free items. I will keep it in mind for future projects.