The term “graphing” might call to mind some advanced math skills. However, the concept can be introduced early. Graphing activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners give valuable hands-on experience with foundational, real-life concepts. It makes sense because it truly is a lifelong skill! Graphing helps young minds organize, analyze, sort, count, and compare!

– Life Over C's Free printable graphs for kindergarten fruit theme activity

Recommended Grade Level:

Fruit Theme Graphing Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Fruit Counters

Plus, this fun Fruit Themed Graphing Activity Set strengthens fine motor skills. Personally, I am a sucker for activities that can check off so many skills at once! Just print the math worksheet graph and accompanying cube, and get to those graphing objectives for kindergarten!

Free Printable Fruit Picture Graphing Activity Set

Graphing activities allow students to experience collecting and organizing data. You can begin to casually introduce the associated vocabulary: data, organize, coordinate planes, x- and y-axis, line plot, compare, and analyze. The fruit salad-themed set makes this incredibly easy to provide graphing opportunities for them.

Picture graphs give a visual representation of data crucial to understanding the purpose and function of many types of graphs.

Students with prior experience with sorting and organizing manipulatives will find this to be a natural next step. It is not necessarily required for you to teach the terminology of the graphs, but introducing children to the process of graphing will benefit them for life!

This low prep graphing activity is easy to prepare and super beneficial for young learners.

Graphing with Dice in Kindergarten

There are two options for the dice of this graphing game.

You might choose differentiated instruction cubes. They are sturdy and easily interchangeable for many different activities and themes. I have included inserts for the differentiated instruction cubes if you choose to go this route.

If you do not have a differentiated instruction cube, I created a paper version. It is easy to fold and glue/tape together.

This set also includes the number graph for kindergarten. The bottom row of the graph has each of the fruits that could be used with the fruit counters. I included apple, blueberry, strawberry, orange, banana, and grapes.

My daughters loved them so much, I’ve created multiple free printables with a fruit theme just so we could continue using these counters!

– Life Over C's Free printable fruit graphing activities for preschoolers.

How To Use the Free Printable Graph for Kindergarten

make your own dice for graphing

Print the real objects graph for kindergarten and dice from the download at the end of this post.

You can use the differentiated instruction cube or make your own cube.

If you choose to make your own cube, fold the cube template on the inside lines and tape it into a cube. I find it helpful to put additional tape on the outside of the cube to give the dice a little bit more weight and to last longer.

Then, laminate the graph for durability if desired. If you laminate, you can use dry-erase markers to play over and over without having to print again. I like to laminate and place at the math center for a hands-on math activity all year long. Keep it interesting by changing the theme on the graph to match your lesson plans.

– Life Over C's Free printable fruit themed graphing activity for kindergarten.

How to Play with the Kindergarten Graphing Worksheet

explore graphing with kindergarteners

Students will roll the cube and place an object on the graph in the corresponding column.

They can continue rolling until one fruit meets the top, or you can specify the number of rolls. For instance, tell students to roll the die 10 times and graph the findings.

For preschoolers, this is also a fantastic activity for reviewing or practicing colors. When the grape is rolled, mark it down then ask what color it is. Repetition is important for children to learn, so any time you can repeat something the better!

– Life Over C's Free printable fruit themed graphing activity for kindergarten.

Whole Classroom Graphing Idea for Kindergarten

Use this graphing set with your whole class or small groups

This set has everything you will need to engage your class or small group in a larger graphing experiment.

First, print out the dice, labels and kindergarten picture graph worksheet cards.

Place the labels at the top of your pocket chart and then have the kids select their favorite fruit and place it under the correct label.

You can do that with fruit pieces or the fruit cards included in the set. Ensure you have enough copies of the cards for each student in your class.

Then, give each child a turn to roll the cube and graph the result.

– Life Over C's Free printable fruit themed graphing activity for kindergarten.

How Can Kindergarteners Learn Using Graphs?

Analyzing Data with kindergarteners


  • Which picture was rolled the most?
  • Which picture was rolled the least?
  • Were any two pictures rolled the same amount of times?
  • If you try the activity again, will you get the same results?

Extend the Activity:

Fine Motor

To encourage more fine motor practice while practicing graphing skills, use child-safe tweezers to place the fruit on the graph.

Tally Marks

When children have mastered the simple graphing techniques, you can increase the challenge by making a tally chart. Students can jot a tally mark for each fruit rolled. When they get to “five across,” place the fruit on the graph.

Counter Alternatives

If you don’t have fruit counters, use dry erase crayons or markers, colored pompoms, or another colorful manipulative!

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– Life Over C's Free printable graphs for kindergarten fruit theme activity
– Life Over C's fruit graphing activities for preschool
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