There’s nothing better than finding a versatile resource, especially during one of the busiest times of the year. Finding one resource that can be used for multiple learning activities is always considered a win in my book. These Winter Theme Free Printable Number Posters for Preschool can be used for independent learning, whole group activities, wall decor, and can even be assembled into a book for a counting resource. Did I mention that they come in both an English and Spanish version?

Whether you hang them up on a bulletin board, assemble them into a book, or use them for interactive learning activities, your students are sure to love these free number posters.

Free Winter Number Posters

Recommended Grade Level:

Winter Number Poster Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors/Paper Cutter

What Math Skills Should My Preschooler Know?

Preschool teachers know that learning through play and hands on activities is what preschool is all about!

As you play games or work with your little one on fun winter crafts and art projects, you can easily incorporate math skills.

Here are a few of the math skills you can start to work on with your preschoolers!

  • shapes: name shapes, describe shapes, create shapes
  • one to one correspondence: count out a quantity touching one object for each number that is counted
  • number identification: name each number correctly and practice writing the number
  • basic addition concepts: ask your child what would happen if you added one or two more to a number when you are counting

Try these fun ideas for practicing math skills in your daily activities:

  • Make a snowman craft. Count the number of cotton balls you use to make his body and the number of buttons you add to create his eyes, mouth, and coat. Snowmen crafts are also a fantastic time to talk about shapes!
  • Play in a sensory bin and mix in number cards, or just have your child work on counting the objects that are in the bin. This is a wonderful way to combine sensory play with math.
  • Work on science experiments with your child. They will love exploring science concepts and you can easily tie in counting materials and counting down time (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!!) as you work through an activity.
Winter prek math and literacy lessons counting alphabet sorting shapes

How To Use This Preschool Number Poster Printable:

To prepare your posters, print them onto white card stock and laminate them. It’s really that simple to prepare them.

Now, check out these great ideas for using your new favorite resource!

The winter theme number posters for 1-10.

English Language Learner Resource:

Since this printable comes in a Spanish and English version, it can be an awesome resource for English Language Learners. Hang the posters side by side in your classroom, or compile the pages into a book for a handheld resource your students will love!

These fun winter counting posters can also be a great way to introduce Spanish to your child if English is their first language.

Winter number posters with penguins for the number 10 in English and Spanish.

Create a Book:

After you print and laminate the posters, create a book with them. Put the book into a reading corner, onto a math resource shelf, or into a book caddy for a cute handheld counting resource.

Children will love practicing reading the number name and counting out the adorable penguins.

If you laminate the posters or slip them into a clear plastic sleeve then the book can become a reusable tracing winter activity. The perfect no prep grab and go activity!

Matching Games:

There are a few different matching games you can play with this free winter printable for kids.

For a interactive whole group activity, make two sets of the number posters for classroom students. (If you have 16 students make two sets of the numbers 1-8, if you have 20 students make two sets of the numbers 1-10, if you have 10 students make two sets of the numbers 1-5… you get the idea!)

Have the students find their match! For a fun twist, print one set of number posters in English and the other in Spanish. Have the students find their match in the other language.

Both of these activities can be easily modified for an independent activity or center. Set the posters up as a giant game of memory. Use them face up to begin with and then flip them over to make it more difficult.

Winter Themed Circle Time Ideas:

Use these posters as part of your whole group circle time.

Sing a counting song together and hold up each poster as you come to the number in the song, or disperse the papers to your students and have them take turns holding the number you are singing about.

You can also use them as a visual resource to hold up as you learn about a new number. Since the half page poster has the number word, numeral, and the number shown in penguins, it is a great way to show how numbers can be represented different ways.

The winter theme number posters for the numbers 1, 2 and 3.

Counting Mats:

Give your child counters or another manipulative and work on the skill of one to one correspondence as they match each penguin with a manipulative.

You can also use the counting mats for practice with addition.

For addition, use two different colored manipulatives (counting bears in two different colors would work perfectly). If the number is 7, they can put down 2 red bears and 5 green bears. You can use this to talk about addition, or how you can decompose the number 7 into two smaller numbers. (Also good number bond practice!)

The winter theme number posters for the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in both English and Spanish.

Play Dough Mats:

For some fine motor skill fun, you can use this number words poster printable as a play dough mat! Use play dough to create the number or to make small shapes to cover the penguins as you practice counting.

Winter prek math and literacy lessons counting alphabet sorting shapes

Find even more engaging activities in the Life Over C’s shop!

Winter counting posters for numbers 1-10 in English and Spanish
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