Winter is the perfect time to cozy up with some color activities for preschool. Make exploring colors fun and interactive for your child with these hands on activities. Grab these Winter Theme Color Activities for Preschoolers for some easy, low prep color activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Six different activities are included in this printable winter theme pack. The activities are easily differentiated, and can be used for a wide range of learners.

6 Low-Prep Winter Theme Preschool Activities

Recommended Grade Level:

Winter Theme Preschool Activity Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins
  • Play dough
  • Paper Clip
  • Paper Fastener
  • Small Manipulatives

What Skills Can Be Practiced With These Preschool Color Activity Printables?

Practicing and learning colors is the focus of these activities, but there are other skills that can be practiced as well!

Using clothes pins, spinning the spinner, and sorting out small images into color groups are all great for fine motor skills.

Counting skills can easily be integrated into many of these learning activities.

Talking with your child about colors, shapes, and objects as you work on the printable activities is wonderful for vocabulary development, speech, and language skills.

What’s Included In These Color Activities For Preschool Printables:

There are so many different activities to choose from in this color winter theme preschool activity pack!

Both color matching activities for preschool and color recognition activities for preschool are included.

This packet of winter theme ideas for preschoolers contains a sheet of instructions for preparing and using each activity in your home or classroom.

Preparation for all of the activities is very simple. Most just require printing, laminating, and a little bit of cutting to get them ready to use!

Overhead view of the secondary colors winter colors sorting mat.

Sorting Mats:

This color sorting activity will provide your child with practice matching colored winter themed objects to the color word on the mat.

The mat is available in color and also in black and white for easy differentiation.

Lay all the pieces out face up on the table, or mix the pieces up in a bowl or brown paper bag so they can draw the piece out of it.

For a fun twist, toss the pictures into a sensory bin. As your child plays in the bin and finds the pictures they can match it to the correct color mat.

You can also sort small colored manipulatives, or colored pom poms onto the mats for another variation of the activity.

Overhead view of the primary colors winter colors sorting mat.

Play Dough Mats:

These versatile play dough mats will make for hours of fun and color learning!

Lay the mats out on your table and your child can match the colored play dough to the correct mat.

Using the matching color of play dough, they can fill in the mitten, outline the mitten, create the color word, or decorate the mitten!

These mats also make a great small poster or flash card for your child.

Overhead view of the winter colors play dough mats with playdough containers in the background.

Clip Cards:

Two sets of color clip cards, snowman and mitten themed, are included in these winter theme activities for preschool.

Simply clip the clothes pin onto the color that matches the picture.

These clip cards can be placed into a busy bag for a quick and easy grab and go activity for your child.

The snowman winter color clip cards from the winter theme color activities for preschoolers.

Color Matching Cards:

The color matching cards have many different possibilities! You can start with as few, or as many cards as you think your child is ready for.

Place all of the cards face up and have your child make color matches with the hats and mittens.

To make the activity more difficult, flip all of the cards over and line them up in a grid. This makes for a fun memory color matching game!

Overhead view of the hats and mittens winter colors matching game.

Spin and Cover:

Your children will love using the spinner in this spin and cover activity!

After the spinner stops and lands on a color, your child will identify the color and cover up an image that is that color. You can use mini erasers, or another manipulative that you have around your house.

Two different spin and color boards are included!

Overhead view of the bear winter colors spin and cover matching games from the winter theme color activities for preschoolers.

Mini Color Book:

The mini color book makes a wonderful literacy activity to do with your child.

Print the pages and assemble them into a book.

Your child can color in the hats and practice writing the color word using a crayon, marker, colored pencil, or another writing utensil of choice.

The simple and predictable text at the top of each page makes a great emergent reader for your child to practice reading.

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