One of the things that I love about being in Virginia in the fall is the trees. I love seeing them change colors, seemingly before your eyes. Those trees inspired this Fall Colors Printable for Preschoolers with three fun fall activities for preschoolers just perfect for exploring autumn with activities on color words and more. Teaching colors this fall can go way beyond color worksheets. Pair it with one of my color sensory bins to create theme activities that last all fall. It’s the perfect season for color sorting, color mixing, pumpkin seeds, and cider!

fall leaf color printable activities build a sentence color matching game spinner game

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Fall Leaf Color Activities for Preschoolers

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • Paper Cutter

What’s included in the Fall Colors Printable?


These fall color activities for preschool include:

  • Matching Activity for Preschool
  • Preschool Color Spin & Cover
  • Sentence Color Word Activity with Pictures

All three of the fall activities for preschoolers printable can be quickly assembled. I love laminating things, but you could always just print the preschool color activities on card stock.

fall leaves & colors printable

Matching Cards

Use the matching leaf cards (pictured above) as a memory game or an independent color recognition activity. Another fun fall leaf activity is to hide the cards outside on a nice day and have a scavenger hunt. Extend the preschool activity for fall by trying to find real leaves to match the colors on the cards.

Spin & Cover

fall leaves spin & cover


To play: Spin the spinner and cover a leaf that matches the color of the leaf that was spun. You can do this as an independent activity or you can turn it into a game. Whoever covers the most leaves wins.

Sentence Building Cards

sentence building cards

Use the fall literacy activity for preschool to build sentences about leaves and their colors. Select a leaf and create a sentence describing the color of the leaf. I used these with magnets on the back when we worked on shapes. You could use the color activities for preschool printables in a pocket chart or lay them on a table or floor.

fall leaf color printable activities build a sentence color matching game spinner game
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Kim Staten is a mother of four children ages 20, 19, 16, and 12. Kim has taught at the preschool, kindergarten and early elementary levels for 16 years. With extensive experience working with special needs children, including her own children with special needs (Rett Syndrome, autism, anxiety, and ADHD), she creates hands-on curricula and activities that are great for working with children of all abilities in the classroom and at home. Hands-on, accessible activities are her passion. 

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  2. Thanks for sharing! Using the matching leaves in a scavenger hunt inside will be fun for our young preschoolers.

  3. Thank you for sharing these! I love the idea of finding Real leaves to match the pictures… But, living in California, this will not be possible for us. :(. I can’t wait to use your ideas with my pre-K grandson. I love the sentence strips he created. Thanks!

  4. Hi there… I am wondering how you laminate all your paper printables. Do you have a machine or do you use the laminating sheets? TIA

    1. I have a laminating machine that I use with 5mil laminating sheets for a heat laminator. There are some really great deals that you can find on Amazon.

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