March is the perfect month to experiment with rainbow themed foods, whether you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day themed party or just having some fun with bright, colorful food! You can turn it into a blind taste test science activity for preschool, or just create adorable party food in rainbow colors kids will love! Whatever rainbow activities you choose, this comprehensive list definitely inspires.

I had so much fun rounding up all of these rainbow party foods. And now you have them all in one place! The Rainbow Themed Food Kids Will Love provides lots of different rainbow food ideas, from healthy to indulgent. Whether you need rainbow birthday party food ideas, a St. Patrick’s Day food for kids, or a snack that fits with a rainbow theme in preschool, this has got you covered.

Healthy Rainbow Theme Foods For Kids

Healthy snacks can be hard to push when kids are overwhelmed with other enticing, sugary options. But these creative rainbow foods will definitely attract the interest of even the pickiest eaters.

Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels

Delicious is all I can say about these! Diced veggies mixed with ranch flavored cream cheese and rolled into the most colorful bite. These are also nice to feed a crowd because you get many bites out of each rolled up tortilla.

Rainbow Fruit Cups

Ahhhh, nature’s candy! These fruit cups are a rainbow in a clear plastic cup. Just layer your favorite colorful fruits and add an optional dollop of whip cream.

If you want to get really crafty with fruit, try dipping strawberries to create these beautiful and healthy rainbow dipped strawberries.

Rainbow Smoothie

You need a little motivation for this one! It requires a lot of fruit, a lot of blending, and layering. However, the finished product will be a hit at your rainbow themed kids party!

Rainbow Popsicles

Same basic recipe as the smoothies above, just turns out in a different form. Follow the smoothie recipe by blending up the colorful fruit, then layer into a popsicle mold, at the stick, and freeze.

– Life Over C's Best Rainbow Foods for Kids

Rainbow Pizza

This gorgeous pizza provides nutrition from its layers of colorful veggies down to the cauliflower crust.

Rainbow Unicorn Pizza is a simpler version made by coloring cheese and layering in rainbow stripes on pre-made rectangular pizza dough. Top with edible glitter and you’re tasting exactly what the unicorns love!

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

This is one unforgettable sandwich! The sprinkles on top will draw anyone near, then the gooey, colorful insides will have all cheese lovers hooked. You just don’t expect a rainbow to taste cheesy, but it does! In this case, it works!

If you prefer a sweeter sandwich, try these rainbow ice cream sandwiches.

Rainbow Waffles

Waffles provide a wonderful start to the day. Rainbow waffles set you up for one of those special days that only come around once in a while! The whip cream “clouds” with sprinkles simply make this a magical breakfast recipe.

Not a waffle lover? Try these rainbow pancakes or homemade rainbow pop tarts instead!

Sweet Rainbow Treats

Try one of these sweeter treats to wow kids at a St. Patrick’s Day party, rainbow themed birthday party, or really any occasion you want to add some color to.

Rainbow Popcorn

I always feel good about giving kids popcorn! It’s homemade, healthy, and easy. This rainbow popcorn is no exception, and it’s so pretty! It comes together just by mixing colored candy melts with popped corn.

Rainbow Cake Truffles

Truffels make great party favors because they are festive, sweet, and delicious. Add sticks and set them out in jars to double as party decorations!

Rainbow Fudge

Learning activities always stick a little more when you add a treat. Create this beautiful rainbow fudge for your students to serve after a lesson on primary colors, color mixing, or weather.

Another version of rainbow fudge creates chunks of layered colors as opposed to rectangular blocks with vertical stripes.

Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Rainbow sugar cookies are far easier than they appear, and they could even be part of a lesson plan on mixtures! Just divide your dough into equal parts to apply red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and green food coloring. Then, you roll out each color and reunite into a large, sliceable roll.

Rainbow Pudding Pops

Mmmmm….pudding pops. Creamy like ice cream, yet frozen like a popsicle. These rainbow pops fit in nicely with any rainbow theme party. They are easy to make with just instant pudding and food coloring.

Rainbow Rice Cereal Treats

This classic treat is hard to mess up! Divide the mixture and add rainbow colors to breathe new life into an oldie but goody.

Rainbow Pretzel Wands

Pretzel wands are as much rainbow party supply as a treat because they look so festive! These snacks are easy, too! Just dip in melted candy coating, sprinkle, and let them dry.

Rainbow S’Mores Dip

S’mores in a pan? Yep! This eye-catching treat comes together easily by layering s’mores ingredients in a baking pan. Top with sprinkle-crusted marshmallows and bake. Serve with graham crackers or another sweet cracker.

– Life Over C's 20 Best Ever Rainbow Theme Foods for Kids

Rainbow No-Bake Cheesecake Parfait

Do the words ‘no bake’ entice you like they do me?! This layered no-bake cheesecake recipe creates a beautifully layered rainbow that is quite irresistible.

Go ahead and try any of these rainbow themed foods to add a little color into you and your kids’ lives today!

More Food Theme Activities!

Don’t stop here! Seriously, what kid doesn’t love playing with their food? So, naturally, learning with their food has to be a favorite too…

Get even more food activities below!

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– Life Over C's Rainbow Foods for Kids

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