Students will have fun practicing their uppercase letters with these fun alphabet uppercase letter puzzles! It will also build their letter recognition between different fonts. Download the preview for a free letter sample.

Two versions are provided for maximum versatility!

Print in color and laminate for a center. You will need both pages for each letter.  Print the puzzles in black and white to use as morning work, take-home or a fast finisher activity.

To use the black and white version as a printable provide both pages for the letter of choice. Students can cut out the puzzle pieces and glue onto the letter template.

 To assemble for a center:

After laminating, cut apart the colored letter on the lines.

Attach velcro to the back (both hook and loop stuck together)

Position the pieces on the letter template and then detach, so that the hook side of the velcro is on one side and the loop is on the other.


Get your printable learning activity here

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