We love to read at our house. LOVE.to.read. In fact, we just moved into our house and the biggest problem we have is that we don’t have bookshelves. So, we can’t unpack the books…! Anyway, odd moving problems aside, my preschooler’s absolute favorite book (this week) is “That’s Not My Panda”. Today we had some fun with the book then…she took a nap. Okay, so actually my first grader played with the panda bear play dough activity. She had lots of fun too!

panda play dough invitation to play

Materials needed for Panda Bear Play Dough Time:

That’s Not My Panda” from Usborne Books & More


Corn Starch

Black (& optional white) pom poms

white buttons

Paw print cookie cutter

Bamboo & leaves

Have fun reading this SUPER cute panda book, then play with some panda play dough!

Our new home has a wall of bamboo at the fence line. Which is pretty cool since it makes it a privacy fence without the extra cost of real fencing. It had to be trimmed this week, leaving us with a bunch of awesome bamboo stalks.

If you don’t have bamboo available, you could substitute green pipe cleaners and pretend that it’s bamboo. A little imagination won’t hurt!

If you haven’t seen the “That’s Not My…” collection from Usborne, you MUST check it out! We absolutely adore them. So far we have the pig and the panda.

I love them because they help my special needs preschooler understand different types of adjectives. Plus, and a major bonus, she is so interested in feeling the different parts of the animals that she will actually sit still and let me read to her. She’s a little over four years old and I have never had a book capture her attention like these do. I’m plotting ways to get the whole set…

So to make the play dough, I combined a squirt of conditioner and 1 cup of corn starch in a bowl. I did not measure the conditioner. Start with a small amount and increase bit by bit until it combines into a ball. If it gets too goopy, just add more corn starch.

Super easy.

Have fun reading this SUPER cute panda book, then play with some panda play dough!

I love it because it’s a very bright white that is hard to accomplish with a flour-based play dough.

Jaida had fun making pandas and feeding them bamboo.

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panda play dough invitation to play

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Have fun reading this SUPER cute panda book, then play with some panda play dough!

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