Make Your Own Farm Puzzles for Preschoolers

We are big fans of puzzles. I used to put them together with my grandma and it brings back fun memories when the kids and I are working on a big puzzle together. Shiloh, my preschooler, isn’t ready for big, complex puzzles yet, but she can do some simple picture matching which is more developmentally appropriate for her. These farm puzzles for preschoolers are so easy to make and we had a lot of fun with them in our sensory bin.

farm puzzles for preschoolers

Materials needed for the farm puzzles for preschoolers:

Foam sheets (the ones we used were about 4″x7″)

Farm stickers (I got a great deal on ours on Amazon)

For fun, we color-coordinated the sheets and the pictures, but you could use any color as your background.

Because I used matching colors I could point out the colors more clearly for Shiloh. (Can I give a shout out to my little lady?!?!? Her speech skills have been growing tremendously the last couple months!! Tonight she asked for a “high five!”)

On each sheet, I put two matching pictures side-by-side.

DIY farm puzzles

Then, I cut the sheet into two pieces creating a puzzle. I cut each sheet slightly different to make sure the wrong pieces wouldn’t fit together.

DIY horse puzzle

I put ours in a sensory bin, but you could definitely use them without the bin.

I like putting puzzles in sensory bins because it adds another element of fun to the activity. Plus, it helps me to be able to display all the pieces in a way that Shiloh can easily see.

farm matching puzzles for preschoolers

We used plain rice for this bin so that it wouldn’t be visually distracting while she worked to find the matches. We’ve also done this farm sensory bin in the past which would be another fun way to display the puzzle pieces.

So simple, but still lots of fun! I’ll be sharing some other ways that we used these stickers later this week, so when you order them, be sure to get the big bag!

So many fun puzzle activities for preschoolers!

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  1. Love this idea! I’m trying to find the foam sheets, but the link isn’t working. Would you mind sending it to me? I try to use aff links when I can ?

  2. We did something like this with cardstock, but I like the idea of using craft foam a lot better – much sturdier. And I love the idea of adding it to a sensory bin, too! #ThoughtfulSpot

  3. Such a great idea to make your own puzzles. It was always hard to find puzzles for my kids once they were ready to move on from the peg puzzles and before they were ready for more complex puzzles. Thanks for sharing at Made for Kids!