I’m continuing on with the rainbow counter love today! This animal counters color sorting tray is a fun way to learn about colors and yet another use for the very versatile rainbow counters. Whether you have rainbow bears, trains, animals, muffins, family or one of the other super fun rainbow counter sets, there are endless ideas for using them! Set up the animal counters color sorting tray for your little one and then check out the other great ideas and printable that we have for rainbow counters!

pet theme color sorting activity for preschoolers

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials Needed for the Pet Themed Color Sorting Activity:

  • Printing Paper
  • Animal Counters
  • Seven Section Serving Tray
Colors are so much fun to sort when it involves rainbow animal counters! This animal counter sorting activity looks so easy to set up too!

I have tried and tried to get you a link to this awesome memory tray that we use for sorting, but I think that because I bought it on clearance, the aren’t selling this particular one online. If you can’t find a tray like this in your local craft store (it’s made by The Paper Studio), you can use a dip & appetizer tray from the dollar store as well.

Cut out pieces of paper to create colored sections in the tray.

Then, let your child sort the animals into the matching colors.

This is a really simple activity in the eyes of adults, but for kids who are just learning their colors or how to sort this can be a fun challenge for them!

It’s also a great way to work on language development and an understand of what “red” is. When we refer to various objects with the same adjective it helps to build understanding that we are not talking about the object itself, but we are describing what that object looks like instead.

Another way to work on this understanding is to have all of the same “object”, but only vary in color. So the child understands that the “dog” is the object and the color name can change depending on how the dog looks.

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pet theme color sorting activity for preschoolers
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