Preschool color activities come in all different types. If your child loves being active and hands-on with their learning we have the perfect activity for you! A themed scavenger hunt is a perfect way to work on different skills and have fun doing it. It’s not just for the preschoolers, older kids will have a lot of fun too!

Free printable color scavenger hunt for preschool kids. Use a book and play color I spy to find the colors or search for object around the room and cross off the colors or draw the objects.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Color Scavenger Hunt

  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Books about Colors (optional)

COLOR Activities for Preschool:



Here are some quick scavenger hunt ideas for kids:

  • Talk about what kids see (vocabulary!)
  • Count how many of each color they can find (early math skills!)
  • Write and/or draw findings (fine motor skills/handwriting!)
Two version of color scavenger hunt for kids one to cross off the colors in the boxes and a second to draw the objects of the matching colors

Kids Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Other than being fun and engaging, there are other reasons to fit a scavenger hunt into your learning:

  • Get kids moving, especially if they have been sitting for a while
  • A great activity for tactile and visual learners
  • Seeing how their learning translates into their real life
Using a free printable color scavenger hunt to search for colors in The Usborne Big Book of Colors

Why Is It Important To Teach Colors?

It may seem that color learning activities aren’t as important as teaching letters and numbers to preschoolers, but learning colors is an important milestone for children.

Stimulating Creativity: Exploring colors lets children be creative! Try out crayons, markers, paint and more to let your child’s creativity shine!

Building Vocabulary: Learning colors gives children the vocabulary they need to add descriptive details to their surroundings.

Categorizing & Sorting Skills: Being able to sort objects into categories is an important skill. Sorting by color is one of the easiest ways little ones can classify.

Real-World Applications: From street signs to color coding, it is important for children to know what different colors can represent in the real-world.

Black and white easy print color scavenger hunt for kids

How To Use the Scavenger Hunt Game



This activity for kids is super easy to set up and doesn’t require any special materials. Kids will just need a copy of the free scavenger hunt list and coloring materials. They will look for at least one item for each color on their list.

Extend this activity easily by turning it into a team building exercise: work with a friend or sibling to see how many things you can find! Or take the learning outdoors for a nature scavenger hunt. There are so many colors in nature, kids will be so surprised to see what they can find!

Other Ways To Use the Color Scavenger Hunt Printable:

Get Hands On!

Using this as an indoor scavenger hunt for kids will let your child use items in their home for the hunt! Have them create piles of favorite toys sorted by color.

Write a Color Book

Once children have found at least one item for each color, put together a color book! Children can write and illustrate 3-5 things for each color.

Picture Matching

Use real-life pictures to do some color matching. This can help extend their learning through exploring colors in the real world.

Free printable color scavenger hunt for kids. Cross of the colors as the kids find them.
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