Are you looking for an easy way to for your kids to create some unique gifts for Christmas? Clear filled Christmas ornaments are a super simple way for kids to create decorations for the Christmas tree or to give as gifts. Turn DIY glass ball ornaments into a family holiday tradition that doubles as a great keepsake. These clear glass ornament ideas are fun and beautiful! The possibilities are endless for what you can put inside these easy to make Christmas ornaments. Check out the tutorial for each idea below.

How to Fill Plastic Christmas Ornaments

How do you fill clear Christmas balls?

To get started with your clear ornament idea, simply remove the metal top from the ball ornament to open the ornament. Depending on the materials you put inside the clear Christmas ornaments you can choose to simply push the item into the hole or use a small funnel for finer items. Consider filling with things like faux snow, snowflakes, seashells, moss, pearls, confetti, glitter or even alcohol ink.

What do you put inside clear Christmas Balls?

The possibilities of what to decorate the inside of your clear plastic or glass ornaments is endless. This is your ornament girl get creative. Below is a huge list of easy AND beautiful ornaments that you can make with just a few materials purchases and a clear fillable ornament.

Here are 20+ Brilliant DIY Christmas Ornaments to Inspire You!

1. Even toddlers can help with a pom pom ornament made with clear plastic balls rather than clear glass ornaments. It is so easy to make, yet so very festive!

2. The snow globe-inspired ornament is easy to make. You will need miniature candy cane ornaments, fake snow and some clear balls for this simple Candy Cane Ornament for preschool.

3. If you’re like me and can’t get enough Christmas lights in your life, this Christmas Lights Ornament for kids is a fun way to personalize your Christmas tree with even more lights!

Easy Ways for Kids to Fill Clear Ornaments

4. Grab your yarn scraps, then make this simple, but absolutely stunning Yarn Christmas Ornament for kids.

5. Learn about circles and spheres with these simple Christmas clear ball ornaments for kids. It’s a clear plastic ornament filled with colorful mini bulbs!

6. Also, I love this Christmas gift idea because it uses letter beads to spell out any word. Create a time capsule ornament by using these fillable ornaments and filling them with words that are special to your child during this phase of life. Or, you could do Christmas and winter-themed words, like snow, joy, or merry. Optionally, you could also do your children or family names!

fill clear ornaments with these three ideas: crushed candy canes, family photo, faux snow and mini Christmas buttons.

7. Kids who love I Spy books will love this DIY Christmas ornament idea! Sprinkle some faux snow from the craft store into a plastic ball ornament and a few random small trinkets to make an I Spy ornament!

Create Keepsakes with Clear Plastic Ornaments

8. A family picture-filled ornament is a great idea for filling your clear Christmas ornament to give to special family members, grandparents, and friends.

9. A similar way to fill clear Christmas ornaments is to use vacation keepsakes, like sand and shells or mini pinecones and trees, to fill the ornament. You will remember that vacation forever!

Re-Use Christmas Decorations to Fill Ornaments

9. More simple DIY filled Christmas ornaments that kids can help you make is to use mini jingle bells! They will love to shake them to hear those bells jingling!

10. Sometimes you find all you need sitting at the very bottom of your craft supply box. These DIY ornaments bring a twinkle with a simple tinsel filling.

11. Snow globes are a classic Christmas decoration. These snow globe ornaments mimic the classic beauty of a snowy scene.

Upcycle Craft Items to Create DIY Ornaments

14. Play with color and used or unused crayons with a melted crayon ornament. Each ornament will be uniquely different!

9. I love the idea of filling an ornament with big chunks of candy cane and hot glue some red ribbon around the top and use twine to tie a bow to create some beautiful Christmas holiday decor. Of course, you can always use leftover candy canes from last year that aren’t fit to eat! Imagine the smell of peppermint as you decorate the tree with this cute and inexpensive idea.

10. Fill your ornament with decorative cranberries. This is so simple your toddler can help you! The berries are a festive addition to your Christmas decor.

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More Ideas to Fill Clear Plastic Ornaments

16. Glitter is perhaps one of the easiest ways to add a festive flair to any Christmas craft, including clear ornaments! Use a stencil for letters or numbers to come out perfectly.

17. Do your kids get sad when Mother Nature melts the hard work of a snowman away? Pay him/her tribute with this melted snowman ornament!

18. Check out this super cute and simple reindeer ornament that kids can help you make. Each child could make their own reindeer!

19. If you have excess tissue paper lying around, consider using it for your clear Christmas ornaments to fill! You could even use Christmas-themed tissue paper.

20. A hot chocolate-filled ornament is adorable on a Christmas tree but also makes a super cute gift!

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