You know that feeling when you have a brand new manipulative and you just want to do all.the.things? We just got a brand new set of snap cubes that we have been using for all sorts of activities. My kids build independently along with our new snap cube alphabet mats. Today, I have our newest snap cube activity to share with you! These snap cube math number mats are perfect for kindergartener number recognition while building fine-motor skills.

The Free Snap Cube Number Mats for Kindergarten are simple to prep and can be placed at your math centers in kindergarten for year-long practice! Just one mat hits several skills: naming and identifying numbers, counting, one-to-one correspondence, and number words.

Grab these super cute free printable snap cube number mats for kindergarten! They are a great way to work on number recognition and counting with your kindergarteners! We love our snap cubes! #snapcube #mathprintables

Paper | Laminating Pouch or Dry Erase Pocket |
Dry Eraser Marker | Mathlink Cubes or Snap Cubes

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Number Recognition in Preschool


Printable number recognition activities for preschool and kindergarten are key components of math instruction. While number recognition worksheets 1-10 pdf provide practice with forming numerals, they don’t take understandings to the next level like snap cubes can!

Fortunately, a little bit of creativity can take a boring preschool number recognition worksheet to the next level. Using snap cubes to build each numeral makes greater connections in children’s brains to help them remember number names and quantities. So don’t let plain preschool number worksheets get you down! Throw in your favorite manipulative instead.

Snap Cube Number Mats

To prepare the snap cube number mats you can print from home: Simply print and laminate. If you don’t want to laminate, I suggest putting the mats into dry erase pockets so that kids can build, trace, and write and you don’t have to worry about printing extra copies.

To use the free printable number mats: Create the number on each mat using snap cubes. Each mat includes space to build the number, a counting activity, a ten frame, and an opportunity to trace the number words.

Providing space to build, trace, and count really gives kids an understanding of quantity and value in addition to the name of the numeral.

Preschool and kindergarten math focuses heavily on recognizing and counting numbers from 0-10 and beyond. This activity goes beyond a number worksheet 1-10, providing hands-on manipulation and fun for students.

Don’t have a free set of snap cubes? Be sure to grab some snap cubes here or use our simple play dough numbers 1-10 mats instead!

Tools you’ll need

HP Bright White Printer Paper Ream
Nuova laminating pouches set of 200 3 mil sheets
dry erase markers for kids

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