Pete The Cat is one of our favorite books. We don’t just like one, we like most all of them. One that is our favorite, though, is Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. It is such a clever, colorful and catchy book. My kids love the rhymes, fun pictures and I love that it is so helpful in teaching kids how to count. These Button Learning Activities are all inspired by this fabulous book.

Button Learning Activities

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Counting has never been so fun as with this almost life size Pete The Cat button activity!

This free printable is Pete perfect for helping kids learn or practice simple subtraction. The best part is that it can be customized for larger numbers when needed.

This fun button activity is perfect for a large group or in the classroom. Not only does this help with observation skills but graphing as well.

Another super cute and easy counting activity inspired by Pete The Cat. The best part is you can make it all on your own!

This printable math game looks like a super fun way to practice counting, taking turns, and having fun!


Groovy Buttons are a perfect way to help kids learn and practice beginning sounds and this free printable game can help!

Buttons are fabulous for forming into larger shapes, like with this ABC Button activity! Kids can use the buttons to create each letter or one at a time.

This Pete The Cat name activity is so cute and perfect for helping littles learn various names. This could also easily be adapted to sight words or ABCs!

Art & Crafts

Paper plates make for wonderful and easy craft supplies for kids. In the instance of this Pete The Cat Groovy Buttons Paper Plate Craft, it is super cute too!

How cute are these popping buttons? This is a super fun craft that quickly turns into an activity!

Baking is a fun craft mixed with science that turns out into a fun treat. These Groovy Button Cookies would be a deliciously fun treat!

Wearable crafts are the best, aren’t they? If your kids like playing dress up or crafting jewelry, this is a fabulous craft inspired by Pete The Cat and his groovy buttons!

Free creativity is important for kids. This button collage allows kids to have a guided activity, as far as the supplies, but gives kids the freedom to create as they wish!


Slime is one of our favorite sensory activities and this Groovy Slime is 100% perfectly inspired by Pete The Cat’s groovy buttons!

Do your kids like digging? Bury some buttons in a sensory bin and your kids can excavate them out!

Can buttons and string create a fun, moving game? Try it with these instructions and see!

Buttons can be fabulous additions to building, especially when combined with play dough. This Button STEM activity is perfect for building with Pete’s groovy buttons!

Sensory bottles are a fabulous way to help center and calm a child. They can be entertaining and beneficial for helping search. This button sensory bottle is perfect!

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– Life Over C's Hands On Button Learning Activities Inspired By Pete The Cat

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