Mitten Letter Matching

Make learning letters fun and winter-themed with the mitten letter matching activity! Kids can use the mittens to match uppercase and lowercase letters to improve letter recognition. You can also use the mittens as letter flashcards, finding things in the room that start with the letter on the mitten. Older kids who are learning to read can line up the mittens to form CVC words. There are so many ways to play with these mitten letters!


Construction paper  | Magnetic letters

Before trying the activity with kids, you’ll need to make your mittens. I found it easiest to draw the outline of a (small) mitten onto a piece of construction paper, then make a stack of about 5 sheets of paper and cut them all out at once. I decided to make each uppercase and lower case letter the same color for easier matching, but you don’t have to make the colors match if you want to make things more challenging.

Write the letters you want onto the mittens. Since I was doing uppercase and lower case letter matching, I needed 52 mittens.

If you want to use the game more than once, laminate the mittens. You can also laminate the mittens before writing on them, that way, you can use this with words, letters, or numbers using a dry erase marker and re-use them as many times as you want for multiple purposes. For our activity, we wrote the letters on the mittens without laminating.

Show the kids how to make a match with the correct letters. In a large pile, it can take some time to find all the letters of the alphabet. This would make a fun matching game for a group to try. Once all the matches are found, the game is over!

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This mitten alphabet matching activity goes perfectly with our favorite mitten books! Grab some today and have fun reading and learning the alphabet!

The MittenThe MittenThe MittenThe MittenThe Missing Mitten MysteryThe Missing Mitten MysteryThe Mitten TreeThe Mitten TreeThree Little Kittens (Folk Tale Classics)Three Little Kittens (Folk Tale Classics)The Snowy DayThe Snowy Day

winter mitten alphabet matching game

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