If you’re a mom like me, you know there are times you just HAVE to have an activity for the kids to do at the kitchen table while you get the dishes done! If you can find something that fosters creativity, encourages number sense and also allows for creative expression… you’ve hit the jackpot! And that’s what we have in this Easter Roll and Draw Art Activity for Kids. This easy art Easter Roll and Draw is the perfect activity for kids that will keep them engaged and having a great time.

– Life Over C's Overhead view of a roll & draw activity next to crayons and a dice.

Recommended Grade Level:

Easter Roll and Draw Art Activity Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Pasta: Shell, Rotini, Farfalle
  • Rice
  • Ruler

Easter Roll and Draw Art Activity for Kids

Sometimes your students or kids want to draw but need a nudge on how to get started or what that could look like. That’s why this Easter Roll and Draw Art Activity for Kids is the perfect activity to foster autonomous drawing. It gives just enough scaffolded support that students and kids feel like they have guidance in what direction they want to go in, but still allows for each child to add their own unique spin on the art work!

The more you encourage students to draw and create, the more comfortable they will be doing it without any help from the roll-and-draw page. As a preschool teacher for sixteen years, I know how important art is in child development! It fosters fine motor skills, creates opportunities for collaboration, and really promotes inventiveness and problem-solving! (You can read more about Why Art is Important in Development in this article.)

Using the Eater Roll and Draw Art Activity is a great way to begin to introduce art to students in a way that allows them to feel safe and still supported, without stifling their creativity.

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Benefits and Modificiations for the Easter Roll and Draw Art Activities:

Although this activity will make life easier for moms and teachers alike with its very little prep time and print-and-go vibe, there are still ways to take it and make accommodations for students!

One accommodation you could make would be for younger students who struggle to draw freehand. If your students are going to struggle to freehand draw the items on the paper, you could prep having them drawn. Then students would just need to cut them out, and paste them to the base of their egg, chick or bunny! This would still allow for fine motor practice through cutting, coloring and gluing, but it may alleviate some frustration when it comes to independently designing the images.

You could also modify the Easter Roll and Draw Art activity by assigning a color to each number on the die. If a student rols a 1, they have to color that item purple. A 2 would get colored red. And so on, and so forth. You could create a key for students to read and follow. This could even lead to an extension activity where students can count how many of each color they used, and even make a tally chart for each color.

Materials You Will Need for Easter Roll And Draw Art Activity:

  • Roll and Draw Downloads
  • Blank Paper
  • Markers or Crayons
– Life Over C's Supplies for the Easter roll and draw activity.
Easter Roll and Draw Activity Paper

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Roll and Draw Easter Art Activity:

Step One:

Download and print the worksheets that you want to complete with your kids! I would download multiple sets of each one, so that multiple kids can work on the page of their own liking! You could also use this extra set to color in a key, if you decide to modify the activity with different colors!

– Life Over C's Child rolled a foam dice and drew an oval on a piece of paper.

Step Two:

Using markers or crayons, have students begin working on their roll and drawing. They’re going to need a blank piece of paper to complete this activity.

Tip: remember, you can pre-draw some of these things to have students cut and color, if the idea of freehand drawing is overwhelming to some of your kids!

– Life Over C's A child is adding squiggly lines to an Easter egg drawing.

Step Three:

Once you have rolled the dice and completed the picture, the final step to the process may be coloring in their Easter Roll and Draw Creation! If you have advanced students who would be ready for an enrichment step, see if you can challenge them to write a sentence about their Easter Roll and Draw Activity!

– Life Over C's A child is rolling a dice and drawing a picture of a chick hatching out of an egg.

Yay! You did it. What Now?

How cute would it be to combine all Easter Drawings together and create a class book about spring? I love the idea of comparing bunnies, eggs and chicks to see how differently the ended up, depending on what each student rolled on their dice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions about Easter Roll And Draw Art Activity for Kids.

Do I have to use this Roll And Draw at Easter?

Absolutely not! Although we called this an Easter Roll and Draw, this is the perfect guided activity for springtime. You could really do this activity any time, although spring is ideal. It would also work in a theme unit about farm animals.

Are there ways to make Easter Roll and Draw Activity a competition or team activity?

I love the idea of having two students race to see who could roll the correct numbers to complete their Easter Roll and Draw first. I think this is a funny way to practice number sense and math skills!

– Life Over C's text says [51 awesome friendship books for kids] collage of friendship books for preschoolers

Easter Roll and Draw Art Activity

For all parents and teachers looking for the perfect independent activity that combines art and math- grab this Easter Roll and Draw Art Activity for kids.

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