Christmas Tree Alphabet Sorting

Are you looking for preschool alphabet activities that your kids will enjoy? This Christmas Tree Alphabet Sorting activity will keep little hands and minds busy for hours! I decided to share another holiday-themed activity because I know how difficult it can be to hold kids’ attention this time of year!

Use this preschool Christmas-themed alphabet sorting activity to engage your students in learning the alphabet. Letter recognition and letter sounds are the first steps toward future reading skills. This fun activity allows children to explore the capital and lower case letters, leaving plenty of room in your lesson plans for differentiation.

A simple, engaging hands-on Christmas alphabet sorting activity for preschoolers or mid-year review with kindergarteners.

How do you teach alphabet recognition?

There are so many ways to incorporate playful learning with learning to identify letters! This free alphabet sorting activity is a great place to start, but there are other ways preschool teachers bring hands-on learning into (and out of) the classroom:

  • Read aloud to your kids regularly
  • Teach your kids how to spell their name
  • Use magnetic letters
  • Alphabet letter sorts
  • Draw letters in sidewalk chalk
  • Stock a literacy center with dry erase boards/markers, pens, pencils, crayons, paper, playdough, etc.

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Christmas activities for preschoolers that teach alphabet recognition provide a valuable foundation for learning letter sounds and later combining those sounds into words. This free Christmas alphabet printable is just one of our many alphabet recognition activities featured on our site to help encourage a love of letters and reading.

Sort uppercase and lowercase presents onto the matching Alphabet Christmas trees in this free printable Christmas Tree Alphabet Sorting Activity for Preschoolers

Should you teach upper or lowercase letters first?

There is much debate as to whether you should teach upper or lowercase letters first. While society has taught us to teach kids uppercase letters first, there’s really no need to teach one before the other. At this point, young children recognize letters as shapes. They can learn both uppercase and lowercase letters with practice, repetition, and engaging games and activities.

Using this preschool Christmas printable activity to guide your kids forward in learning both lowercase and uppercase letters at the same time helps them begin to compare and contrast the different letters. Kids may have a hard time writing uppercase letters and lowercase letters at first, but as their fine motor skills improve so will their handwriting skills.

How many letters should a 4-year-old know?

If you’re wondering how many letters a 4-year-old should know, it’s a safe bet that most 4-year-olds verbally know at least 1,500 words. This does not directly translate to their level of letter recognition.

This alphabet sorting activity will help your 4-year-old kids learn how to recognize even more letters and words as you work to let them combine letters to create words that they already know.

It’s important to allow preschoolers to work at their level. You don’t want to overwhelm them with too many letters at once. When a child reaches frustration level, it’s time to pull back to a manageable number of letters.

While you may be using Christmas alphabet activities in Kindergarten or preschool to teach many kids at once, you can easily use this alphabet sorting activity to assess progress for each of your students.

Students that are able to match the letters proficiently can move on to exploring letter sounds, putting the cards in alphabetical order, or other precursors to learning to read like identifying words that begin with each letter sound.

Your kids will enjoy putting the Christmas “gifts,” aka the letters of the alphabet, under each tree that features the same letter. This Christmas lesson for preschoolers redirects attention from candy canes, the gingerbread man, Christmas songs, and more during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

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I have several Alphabet Sorting activities for you to use any time of the year! This Christmas activity for preschool printable alphabet sorting activity is perfect for December. It uses kids’ excitement for the holidays in a fun, hands-on learning activity.

Download your free Christmas Tree Alphabet Sorting printable activity today. Laminate the printout and enjoy watching your learners engage.

Alphabet uppercase and lowercase sorting activity for Preschool Christmas themes

How To Use The Christmas Tree Alphabet Sorting Activity

There are a variety of ways to use Alphabet Sorting Activities.

The easier option to use the Christmas tree alphabet sorting activity is to use one sorting mat at a time. Lay out all of the letters, or a large portion of the letters. Your preschoolers can sort through the letter cards to find the correct matching letters to place on the Christmas tree alphabet sorting mats. As soon as your kids finish one mat, they can move on to the next one.

Christmas theme alphabet sorting activity for preschoolers. Match the uppercase and lowercase letters to the correct Christmas tree.

Feel free to have your kids sort the letters in alphabetical or random order for this fun letter recognition educational activity.

Another fun way to use the Christmas tree alphabet sorting activity requires a larger space for alphabet sorting. Simply place the letter mats on a surface and stack the letter cards like a deck of cards. Your kids can pull a letter card from the deck one by one and place the letter on the matching Christmas tree alphabet card.

You can also pull out specific letters to work on, such as reversals like b and d or p and q.

Sort uppercase and lowercase letters onto the matching Christmas tree alphabet in this free printable Christmas themed alphabet sorting activity for preschool.

Additional Ideas for The Christmas Tree Alphabet Sorting Activity

For added fun, you can create an alphabet scavenger hunt. Simply hide the alphabet cards around your home or classroom and have your kids search for the letters. As your kids find the letters, they will match the letter on the appropriate letter mat. Add an additional level of fun and competition by giving each kid their own list of letters. This means kids will have specific letters they must find on this alphabet scavenger hunt and can only match the letters they find on their list with the alphabet activity mat.

Alphabet sorting activity with Christmas theme Featured Image

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