Do your kids love puns? My love to roll their eyes every time we start in with the puns. But I love the giggles that join in with those eye rolls! And the “Oh, Mom!” Our entire family loves telling jokes, including our special needs 5-year-old, so these pun-filled ocean animal Valentine Cards seemed like a perfect fit. And in my kids’ love for mini erasers and these make the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for my daughters to share with their friends this year.

Ocean animal Valentine Cards for kids paired with ocean animal mini erasers.

Oriental Trading Company sent us these mini eraser ocean animals and they are the perfect little treat to include with these adorable Valentine cards.

My kids actually stole one of the whales already and were practicing their ‘whale speak’ at dinner last night!

Each eraser comes in its own little baggie that you can easily tape or staple to the ocean animal Valentine cards making them super easy to gift.

I printed the cards on the white side of some Valentine-themed scrapbook paper because I love the fun back that it gives the cards, but you could also print them on white card stock to make them a little stiffer.

5 more small gifts to include with the Ocean Animal Valentine cards:

No matter what gift you include with the Ocean Animal Valentine Cards, I’m sure they’ll be a hit! I’ll be sneaking a few into my kids’ lunch boxes during the week of Valentine’s Day since they are not only perfect for giving to friends are also great for parents to give to their children.

The kids will definitely roll their eyes at the puns, but I’m sure it will also add a smile to their day!

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ocean themed valentine cards for kids
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