Free Printable Alphabet Sorting Chicken and Eggs Activity

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a question that may never be answered, right? That is neither here no there, though. This free printable Chicken and Eggs Alphabet Sorting Activity is the perfect way to incorporate ABCs with a farm or animal themed unit. Kids who love trips to a farm or animals in general will love this easy activity!

Work on letter recognition for different fonts with this free printable alphabet sorting activity for kindergarten. Perfect for a farm theme!

Free Printable Alphabet Sorting Chicken and Eggs Activity

Alphabet sorting activities are perfect for children on many levels of learning the ABCs. This activity is perfect for children who are just beginning to learn the alphabet. The matching game helps kids see the similarities and differences in all of the letters. If children are more advanced on alphabet skills, this makes a great review.

The fact that it is an engaging ABC activity is not the only benefit. This is a low prep activity for teachers or parents. This can be done at a table, on the floor or easily added to a sensory bin or used with play dough! The versatility helps encourage the activity to be used in multiple ways to ensure that children don’t get bored.

Work on letter recognition with this free printable farm theme alphabet sorting printable activity for kindergarten and preschool.

Materials Needed for the
Free Printable Chicken and Egg Alphabet Sorting Activity:

Paper | Laminating Pouch | Scissors | 

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Sort letters in multiple fonts for better letter recognition using this free printable alphabet activity with lowercase and uppercase letters.

How To Use The Alphabet Sorting Chicken and Egg Activity

There are a variety of ways that we have used Alphabet Sorting Activities.

The first low prep and simple version is to use one sorting mat at a time. Lay out all of the letters, or a portion of the letters. Kids can search through the letter cards to find the correct matching letters and connect them. One one of the sorting mats is complete, move onto the next. This can either be done in alphabetical order or in a complete random order.

If you have the space, this can be done vise versa as well. The Sorting Mats can be placed on the surface and have the letter cards in a stack. Child can find the matching mat for whichever letter is on top of the pile. Unless the child is only reviewing, this might be done best with just a few letters at a time.

This free printable farm theme alphabet activity for preschoolers is available in color and black and white for teachers who can't print in color.

Additional Ideas

This alphabet sorting activity can also be used in a scavenger hunt. You can start by hiding all of the letter cards in various places around the room or outside. Kids will run around, either independently or as a competition, to find the letter cards. Once a letter card is found, it can be run up to the sorting mat and placed on the correct one. If doing a competitive round, the kids can each have specific letters that they are to find. Meaning, if they find a letter that is not theirs, they have to leave it and go on the hunt again.

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